October 17th, 2008


smocks and collages.

day before yesterday, i finally got around to purchasing a smock for oliver to take to school. i found a plaid button down shirt in XS in the boys section for $3.23. last night, i removed the patches. one was over the front pocket and said "FREEDOM". the other was on the left sleeve and was a grenade with wings. i figured, considering we're not republicans, it would be hypocritical to keep them on there.

but, really. why would a child's shirt have a winged grenade on it? what does that even mean?

oliver peed like a racehorse before getting up this morning. i had to fight him for his damp tshirt. to make amends, i offered him the smock and he took to it instantly. brian and i both had to wrangle him to get it back off for his shower. there were many tears and much flailing. i had to put it back on him over his tshirt and jeans and he wore it to school. he left the adult-sized mittens behind.

today is ms s's birthday and though i swore i wouldn't be roped into buying presents for teachers, we gave her a $15 gift card to half price. but i only did it because i know she's going through some tough times... three young daughters, a divorce in the works, and having to take on two jobs. oliver also made a collage of animals, fruits, plants, and a guitar from the weekly circulars (at least they come in handy for something, since they refuse to stop sending them to me) with the worst glue stick on the planet and then he colored a printed out photo of himself holding two beach balls and sitting in a butterfly chair. we fought over the collage when he kept trying to peel up the pieces.