September 16th, 2008


patches, puking, peanuts, poop, and my weekend.

after reading about growing your own sprouts in my whole foods encyclopedia, i placed an order with the sprout people, which came in yesterday. it was the third box my ups man has handed me, without comment, that's been partially collapsed. the glass Ball jar miraculously survived.

i purchased the sampler for kids, partly because it included "beanie's awesome mix". oliver helped me start some peanut sprouts last night. he seemed pleased. he kissed the jar. then he licked it.

i made round two of the chickpea cutlets last night. baked this time. oliver ate both that and the curried black-eyed peas with zucchini. miss S said he also loved the messy naan pizza i sent in his tiffin box yesterday. i couldn't tell whether or not i should send naan pizza again. today, torn chickpea cutlet, pizza on folded over bread, and nectarine for dessert.

i spent yesterday afternoon trying to get some patches on oliver's lunch bag. the yellow and white "OLIVER" stuck pretty well. it took a good bit of effort to get the frog, ladybugs, and cat on there. i'm still working on getting the second half of the pony to stick. of course, i was doing this old school pioneer-style by heating up the lid to my cast iron dutch oven and pressing with that. i think we managed to get rid of all three of our irons. i fear oliver will peel them right off and i'll be forced to figure out how to sew them on. when brian saw all the awesome patches, he said he wanted a jean jacket with a pony patch, among others. the cat strongly resembles the cat from my ugly sweater party sweater with the sleeve that says "what's up, pussycat?"

friday evening, i picked up brian from the ford dealership. again. he was getting the horn replaced. again. we went to dinner at cosmic cafe. i was happy when we left. oliver kept hopping over to pull the golden balls off the posts on the little bed where the porcelain cat lounges in the fireplace. i fell asleep early and soundly on the couch. i stayed there all night. too tired to go to bed.

saturday morning, brian told me he needed to go to the emergency room. something with one tooth had bitten his pinky finger and overnight, his hand had gone numb and started swelling. a night or two before, i had watched i was bitten and knew there was a good chance brian's entire arm could swell and then pop like a sausage when the surgeon put small slits in the skin. he would likely come close to death.

after dropping brian off, oliver and i drove around in the rain a bit, drinking coffe, and finally went to the little gym. oliver didn't push any kids this time, but did pet aiden on her hairs a couple of times. brian coordinated his checkout time with the end of class. we went to pick up the fuckus and then swung by the green store for diaper covers before going home to hunker down for the ravages of hurricane ike. which means it just rained a lot and i saw tree branches swaying in the wind.

on the way home, brian ate half a cream cheese danish and swallowed his antibiotics with coffee instead of taking it with a full glass of water and a full stomach. not much longer later, he rolfed and hurled and upchucked violently. with the bathroom door open. oliver started crying. i reamed brian out and told him to always take medication according to directions, considering joe died last december at least partially, if not wholly, as a result of complications from taking meds improperly. that goes for you, too. read your directions. follow them.

brian got a different type of antibiotics. and then did not throw up.

eventually, i got stir crazy enough to run to whole foods and spend double what i had anticipated.

i made brian watch sicko that night and then we watched tina fey as sarah palin. i slept on the couch after initially crawling into bed with two pieces of petrified cat poop. i was under the covers when i heard the first hit the floor. then i could see the second against the white backdrop of the blanket pulled across my legs. my cats were raised in a barn. after being duly informed about the nature of my retreating from the bedroom, brian crawled into bed without even removing the second piece of poop and i informed him the following morning that he is disgusting because he had the whole blanket all wrapped up around him and he's nuts for thinking he wouldn't wrap that poop all up on him because he is a messy sleeper. brian was raised in a barn.

sunday was a gorgeous day with modest temperatures. we drove around the west side of white rock lake and brian spent the whole time experiencing road rage over two cyclists. granted, they were being complete weirdos. we pulled into the dog park and oliver had already passed out. so we sat for a long time watching dogs go bananas. then brian needed to pee, so we went home for lunch. oliver refused to nap again.

we eventually went to lula b's antiques and did not stay long because we remembered how painful it is to try and look at antiques with a toddler. then we walked a couple of blocks to whole foods and oliver became angry that there were no apples in my purse. on the way home, i forced brian to go to the dog park again so oliver could giggle at the dogs. in reality, the dogs had little to no effect on oliver. not the big dogs. not the little dogs. only the half wet german shepherd who kept passing us on the muddy, half-sidewalk and giving us cooties. otherwise, it's like all the dogs were invisible to him. we walked around to the other side and halfway over the bridge. he was much more excited thinking we were going to the beach for a swim. he was displeased when we turned to go back without having gone for a swim. we watched the labs launching off the boat ramp to retrieve tennis balls from the lake. oliver was plagued with angry looking mosquito bites yesterday, while i had none. this made me believe he had possibly stepped into a nest of brown recluse spiders. i was nervous oliver's legs might pop like sausages and fall off.

i slept on the couch sunday night because the sheets were still being processed to free them of poop.

back the blue.

i've finally come to terms with the fact that election day is already coming up fast. so, i've finally sent my $50 to obama.

i anxiously await my car magnet and hope that dave does not steal it.


i finally started searching for photos of galveston. i kind of wanted to pretend nothing had happened. i'm glad we visited last fall, but now i know even more how much stood to be destroyed.

i had forgotten that there are webcams all down the seawall. it looks like they stopped working on thursday and friday of last week.

here's a slideshow starting during preparations for ike.

here are some other webcam snapshots.

the waves are even more horrific when you understand just how mild the surf usually is in galveston.

oh no! the balinese room we visited last fall was destroyed!. i want to cry.