September 5th, 2008


the rest of National Beany Day.

after three or so hours of napping, i ventured into the bedroom to wake brian yesterday and test the waters for going out for a drink.

we ended up down the street at ozona where they have a gigantic patio with loads of shade and trees. they no longer serve root beer floats, so brian settled for apple pie a la mode. i had peach cobbler and a kamikaze on the rocks. i figured lime would go with peach better than beer would go with peach. i'm pretty sure i was just drinking sweet and sour.

we were through in record time and even though it wasn't a good day, it was nice to get outside for a little bit. since we had a few extra minutes, brian wanted to go to the weird cd warehouse on greenville. he had conveniently misplaced his wallet, so i picked up the tab for his duke spirit cd and threw a purple rain cd (how have i never owned this?) and a best of the talking heads cd (thanks for talking about david byrne lately, morgan) on to the pile.

by the way, in case you didn't already know, the soundtrack to me and you and everyone we know is really pleasant. several years ago, just before we moved into the condo, my television went out and i made brian sit on my bed and watch the dvd on my computer. he bought the cd and i still like listening to it. it's serenely optimistic. michael andrews, who made the soundtrack, also did hand on string. this is pleasant in a more depressing way. i like it, but tend to avoid it a little. i'm not good with listening to the depressing music. i got more than enough of that during my teens and early 20s.

since when do i do music reviews?

did i ever tell you that my parents got me this for my birthday?

i haven't looked through it yet, but it's a collection from
their website of the same name.

since when do i do book reviews? or miranda july reviews?

anyhow, after the cd store, we went to the school to get oliver. i've learned they don't come out to fellowship hall dangling off a rope in the afternoon; but, for some reason, they were doing it yesterday. it was taking an inordinately long amount of time to get those toddlers in motion and they kind of stalled out when miss S opened the door. oliver could see us standing out there and started to cry. it was the only time he had all day. one side of his diaper cover was undone and his jeans were soaked!

brian tried to take him out to play in the courtyard while i made seitan stew, but the mosquitoes chased them back up in short order.

before nighttime, the three of us sprawled on the bed in relative darkness and sang "old macdonald", "row, row, row your boat", and "twinkle, twinkle little star". all three are serenely optimistic.