August 28th, 2008

oliver waves

wait... he's supposed to be miserable without me.

9:49pm and brian isn't home from work yet. shoo.

i've been googling about on facebook and feeling like i'm at a high school reunion where all of these people you forgot you knew pop up and you're astonished that they've had the nerve to no longer be 17. and then you realize all those people are googling about facebook and finding you and feeling astonished that you're no longer 17. ouch.

oliver's teacher said he cried much of the half day yesterday. he would still do his activities, but would cry while he was doing them. playground time and grape time were good, though.

today, she said he improved a good bit. only an hour of crying and then it was party time on the playground and with apple slices and while giggling over songs about elephants.

when they came teetering out holding on to their rope, i could hear poor azmer crying before i could see him. halfway down the line there was a little boy i didn't quite recognize. he had this bubbly grin on and i realized it was oliver. then i thought "when on earth did brian change him before leaving?" and then noticed he was wearing his emergency clothes: pin-striped heathered black pimp jeans (his father's purchase!) and his tiny chipped-beef-on-toast-with-ketchup striped tshirt. with blue shoes. ouch!

he calmly kept strolling over to me and his teacher had to disentangle his foot from the rope while i asked if there'd been a poo'splosion, in so many words. fortunately, he had just spent a little too much time basking in the gentle flow of the water fountain. despite his outfit, he still got a "he's so cute" from a random lady on our way back out. "he's wearing his emergency clothes!" i responded.

i ordered some extra wet bags for school a couple of weeks ago. i came very close to getting one in lemon and one in dark chocolate, if you know what i mean. and then brian bailed out on convincing me to do it and we wound up with navy, ocean, and celery. that's not clever at all.