August 26th, 2008


the rest of the grand farewell.

part 2 of 3 of oliver's bon voyage last week was a trip to north park mall to ride the escalators, look at the fountain, watch the giant statues hammering, and check out the turtles and ducks.

Picture 041
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part 3 of 3 was a woefully overdue trip to the spraygrounds, which i thought we would be visiting incessantly this summer. this was the first, and likely the only, visit. oops. fortunately, he didn't get too worked up about it and spent almost as much time crying next to the piping hot youth swing as he did playing with the water. we were stunningly lucky that there were very few other children there. usually, that thing looks like a madhouse with multiple birthday parties taking place at any given time. obviously, that was a major factor in our lack of visits.

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