August 7th, 2008


oliver has this new trick.

since becoming an insomniac over the course of the last week, oliver has begun literally pooping all over the good times we'd been having getting him to go to bed with ease.

by this, i mean that he has begun pooping like clockwork while in his crib. he's usually a once-a-day, in-the-morning pooper. but the last several days, he's pooped before getting up. and two or three times now, he's pooped at some point during naptime.

i was wondering if maybe that's why he's having difficult going down. poop in his pants. and then, i started wondering if he'd figured out we will have no recourse but to remove him from sleepy time if he has poop in his pants.

last night, during the two hour scream fest, i had that mother's intuition that he might be pooping. then i shooed the thought away in case that might magically cause any poo to disappear. then i decided i should probably check. and he had. he'd pooped.

today, during attempted naptime, he informed me "i pooped! i pooped!" he was mightily glad to go have his pants changed and a little disappointed to see we were returning to naptime. then he got over it and said "sleep! there he is! sleep! sleep!" he's a bit of a parrot these days. it's quite a mirror in your face having a toddler around. i put him in his crib and used brian's new trick of rubbing his eyebrow so that your thumb grazes his eyelashes and forces him to close his eyes until he passes out. three hours later, at four o'clock, i still had to wake him up. then i discovered the shart.

aside from that, we made our grand return to the gym tonight. it was relatively easy leaving oliver in kid care. there was a girl working who was johnny-on-the-spot and tried her best to distract him and then had him sit on her lap and work puzzles after he started crying. i nearly started packing up during my turn on the hip abductor when i saw the other kid care girl walking my way, assuming oliver had shattered into pieces, but she was just after a cone of water from the cooloer behind me.

he survived our entire 45 minute workout and i walked in to see him sitting next to girl #1 who was sitting in the rocking chair reading him a book. he was sitting on this little chair and looked hilarious to me for some reason. the second he saw me, he remembered i had abandoned him and started crying. good show.

i swear, while in his crib, he just said "i'm pooping!" present participles!