July 25th, 2008


beijing olympics. baby loves disco. magnetic fields.

yahoo.com has some stunning photos up of the construction for the beijing olympics. they're putting in a train that will go 350 mph. that sounds completely terrifying.

they're shipping out the migrant workers who helped build the complex, so they'll not get to see their work in action. they're too dirty to have around. the government has even printed up new money. china scares me a lot with its olympics.

tomorrow, i had almost forgotten we have tickets to baby loves disco at purgatory on the edge of deep ellum. that cracks me up. after i get done laughing, i get scared because i have no idea what kind of social interaction will be required of me. there will be beer.

to balance that out, brian got us tickets to the magnetic fields in october. the website says tickets are required even for infants. baby-haters.

not quite tic tacs.

i remembered something today. for decades, i have been blaming tic tacs for scarring me with a color combination of purple, orange, and red. if i see a grouping of purple, orange, and red pansies, i blame my dislike for them on the tic tacs. i mean, i'm pretty sure i liked to eat them, but i remember staring at the color combination and it must've done something to my sensibilities.

i always have this flash of a memory of standing in the bathroom on sarasota while my mom clipped my nails into the sink (i hated the way they felt after). i must've had a pack of those babies in there with me or something, because they're always popping right up in the middle of that memory.

i just googled them and was having difficulty finding that combination when i saw the only two photos existing on the internet of dynamints. i had forgotten they ever existed. they're tic tacs on the horizontal!

the commercials were delightfully horrible (i don't remember them) and this one shows the trio right in the middle.

i could go for some of these:


more old lady shenanigans.

have i ever told you about how Downstairs Ann is a little kooky, to put it nicely? she's the busy body fussbudget who floated around the parking lot at night in her white nightgown checking for ne'er-do-wells and who peeks through her blinds every time brian goes up or down the stairs to the laundry room and who, more often than not, grimaces and runs or slams her door when she sees us, who gave oliver $20 and a pooh card for his first birthday, and who reported the ford over and over for having out of date tags..

today, as i was about to start my car to take oliver to the galleria to play in their playland, i noticed a piece of old lady paper folded in half under my windshield wiper. there was a note inside written in old lady handwriting with old lady accents.

at first, i thought "oh my! how nice that someone left me a note to let me know that my car seems to have an oil leak and perhaps this could place me and my baby in a perilous situation!" and then, i read on...

ann's note

i'm trying to let my revenge fantasies just play out in my head until i no longer feel like acting them out, but it will be difficult keeping brian from leaving notes on her car every time she parks crooked.

i mean seriously. the parking lot paint job has been RUINED?!? it's a parking lot! you park your cars on it! you don't eat your dinner off of it!

and for the record, i possibly do have an oil leak, but i'm pretty sure it isn't in my front bumper. i park in three or four different spots and all of those spots have marks on those gorgeous yellow bumper guards from being scraped by the bottom of cars.