July 3rd, 2008


red? black? red? black?

ugh. i was told, on the phone, that we had paid off our hospital bill. overpaid, in fact. they were sending us a check. instead, i got another bill. for $288.20. i finally got a hold of a CSR. she was a nice lady. she had to put me on hold three times to figure out what was going on.

when we first started receiving bills, we eventually figured out we were receiving two bills: one for me and one for oliver. even the billing company hadn't initially understood this. they promised to link the accounts after calling me on two occasions to harass me for a larger monthly payment.

then there's that bill with Boy R listed back at the top of it.

the rep eventually said that the accounts had been linked, but as one had been paid off, there was only one account left so they unlinked. i have no idea what that means. the credit i was supposed to receive in the mail was applied to the second account and i still owed $370.55.

wait. $370.55? then why does this invoice say $288.20? she didn't know. she asked her supervisor. she told me that because the accounts were unlinked, the credit showed as being applied twice even though it was really only applied once.


excuse me, but doesn't medical city deliver something like 8-12 babies a day? haven't they been open for business since the 70s? isn't that more than enough practice to work out a billing system that makes sense? why do i feel like i'm the only mother-child combo to have this happen?

last week, i contacted oliver's new school to ask when we're supposed to make our first payment. she replied we already owe two payments with the third coming due july 20. that's $1210 now and $605 in a couple of weeks. and then another on august 20. and he doesn't even start school until a week after that. ugh. i was a little irritated just before that news because it took me that long to realize that we would be making twelve monthly payments for nine months of care. not quite as affordable as i had originally thought. and i use the term "nine months of care" loosely, considering all the teachers days and holidays and half days they have.

as a result of all this business, plus paying for the florida trip and being overzealous about paying off my debt, i have been using the old capitalone again. just for padding. to be paid back off again shortly.