July 1st, 2008



have i mentioned we're vacationing in fort walton beach, fl, this year?

we leave shortly after oliver's bedtime friday night. so much for fireworks.

i admit i'm a bit stressed out. neither brian nor i are big drivers. and this trip will be like driving to austin and back twice in a row. 11-12 hours. i don't think that includes stops. oh god. i'm not sure how this is going to pan out. we have friday off, at least, and brian is a champion napper. he'll be in charge of going to bed the earliest. (one of) my problems is that i have a hard time these days trusting other people to drive. ergo, i find it difficult to sleep in the car. this is going to be murder. then we'll get to figure out when to make up the sleep after we get there. as well as what to do for the hours between our arrival and check in time while our stuff melts in the car. and then we get to drive back home.

i'm hoping oliver's old enough now so that we won't have to redirect him from everything in the condo. i need to remember to bring rubberbands to try and keep him out of the kitchen knives. and hope he doesn't run into the ocean while everyone's busy putting on sunblock. and hope someone doesn't put coke in his cup or give him a hunk of brisket or slip him a spoonful of artificial sugar food. because that's what privileged children eat.

we are sharing a condo with my parents (mom's leaving on wednesday) and my sister's family will be staying next door.

i'm tired already.