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green porno. black top. [16 Jun 2008|01:35pm]
am i the only person who's seen isabella rossellini's green porno on the sundance channel?

i've decided the human race is much less deviant when it comes to sex than the insect kingdom apparently is. the instinct to propagate is a weird one.

today, they are resurfacing half of the parking lot. there were no holes whatsoever in the parking lot before today. i obviously do not know all the reasons there could be for resurfacing a parking lot. i do know i would appreciate keeping our HOA fees in the kitty instead of letting them burn a whole in the board's pocket.

brian called the management company this morning and got a hold of the bitchy lady of the office. since they don't know how to think of details like the fact that they have blocked the gate with the keypad and failed to force open the gate without the keypad for people who don't have clickers, he called to ask them how he should get to work and how the a/c repairmen could get in to make our bedroom less stuffy. her response was: "what do you want me to do? it's not like i can open it from the office." i fumed from the bathroom (but not in that way) and spent the 3 lonely hours, where there should have been discussions with repairmen who ended up being severely tardy with no phone call (where has all the customer service gone these days!), having verbal revenge fantasies and wishing it had been me who was on the phone when she popped that zinger out of her property management bitch rifle.
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