May 23rd, 2008


will i actually have savings in my savings account soon?

i just got off the phone with my father.

i might have neglected to divulge that my ford never really sold. apparently, there are a lot of scoundrels in the car buying market who will promise you dollars for autos and then disappear. that's happened more times than i can count. plus, i've been "greedy" and holding out a bit. i figure if the new owner is willing to pay a decent price, he/she will be more inclined to take care of her.

there was one guy ready to buy except he wanted us to fix a transmission leak first. i already knew where this was going to end up and it did: almost $800 in repairs. i've learned that the person i bought her from had drilled a hole in the carburetor (i don't understand how a mechanic has never told me this before) so that more gas would pour through (it's already four barrels, for cryin' out loud). i must've been getting the gas mileage of a hummer towing a hummer the whole time i was driving her.

anyhow, while she was being doctored up, a fancypants vacationing from new zealand showed up and asked about her. he felt $9k was too much, but dad told him someone else was in the queue with $8k once the repairs were done. he offered $8k+cost of repairs, which is practically $9k, so good enough for me.

i'm hoping if he's willing to pay a decent price and then pay to ship her to the other side of the planet, he'll take good care of her. and i call him a fancypants just because he has the money to visit from nz, buy cars as souvenirs, and ship them (this isn't his first). we'll see if he comes through with the down payment.

i'm heartbroken to think of her traveling so far away, but i've made myself feel better thinking i can contact uncle che and send him over if she ever calls me in the middle of the night with the sound of fear quivering from her tailpipes.