May 16th, 2008


fort worth jamboree: saturday, april 26.

...also known as prairie fest at tandy hills natural area.

this was part two of our three part outdoor series.

tandy hills is tucked right there between a quaint neighborhood and I30. i'd driven by it hundreds of times on my old denton-arlington commute and didn't even know it.

it was lovely and spotted with wildflowers. i continued to be amazed by the consumerism and disposability associated with "green" festivals. i ordered one thing: a beer. i told the girl i would be happy to drink out of the bottle and bypass the plastic cup. she told me they were required to serve out of the cup. i suppose the park was worried about broken glass. we giggled and i got buzzed.

there was a lot of swinging that day. and some sliding. i won the raffle for the camping lantern. maybe i'll go camping someday.

we took a quick walk down the trail and oliver acted like he'd discovered a treasure trove of rocks. because he had. he couldn't collect enough. "rock. rock. rock."

when we returned to fest-civilization, the main stage was featuring a man in a fish mask playing the trumpet while a lady dressed in black read beat poetry about the ocean and another lady dressed in black performed exagerrated movements with mannequin legs. we almost missed it. it was one of those pick-your-audience moments.

we had grand plans to go to downtown fort worth and find that outdoor patio bar across from the old convention center and underneath this multi-storied mid-century hotel that was totally awesome. did i ever tell you about that day? the patio was mostly gated and there was a large fountain in the middle.

we initially gasped because we thought they had torn it down to build this ungodly member of a chain hotel, but we just hadn't driven down far enough. then we found it, parked, and realized they had walled the patio in. crap. we left.

i wonder if we went somewhere else in dallas that day. i wonder.

oliver rocks.

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