May 15th, 2008


break it down.

so, i was sitting here working and i heard elijah wood on the tv instructing our youth on today's dancy-dance and when i looked up moments later, oliver was doing the puppet master and i swelled with pride at having a boy big enough to do the dancy dance.

he got as far as raise-your-foot-raise-your-other-foot walk-in-a-circle before i shrieked and he ran over here returning my shriek.


outdoor series part I of III: oak cliff green festival.

sunday, april 20.

lake cliff park.

second annual oak cliff earth day.

the weather was temperate enough, but the clouds were threatening. we were supposed to meet dave&co there. we strolled the tents and looked at worms in dirt and pamphlets about rescuing wildlife and were given rolls of blue, plastic recycling bags by the city of dallas along with their apologies for not coming directly from our home to collect or trash treasures. brian chickened out of having the scientologists audit his stress. it made me sad to see parents being sucked in while they're young children looked on. momma dun gone crazy.

i signed a petition to help a neighborhood fight mcmansions and i signed another petition for who-knows-what and brian finally updated his voter registration.

eventually, we meandered on over to the other side of the park where oliver forced us to swing him for days on end. we peeled him away long enough to go down this monster slide attached to this monster rocket. there was a little stage with a group of people in green tshirts dancing to that song that's like a cross between hip hop and line dancing. the city of dallas was giving away a lot of stuff like nylon back packs and throw away type crap which was kind of out of place, considering it was supposed to be a green festival and all.

we meandered back and finally found dave and jeromy and amanda and the mystery guy. they did not know what to do with the people with a toddler. after not too long, dave became a broken record of "so, you guys said you're about to go?" and i kept saying "we've got time" and dave kept saying "so, you guys are about to head out?" and i gave up and we left. brian wanted to do laundry anyhow.

my social life fights a losing battle.

it's the church of scientology! i have no idea what this has to do with green living.

i can't believe they managed to wear the same outfit. and see? we even brought games to enhance our desirability. we did not get to play them.

super awesome park.

it's a rave! i have no idea what this has to do with green living.

hey, good lookin'.