May 13th, 2008


sandy lake amusement park. 20080504sunday.

let's pretend i actually finished writing this over a week ago and that time isn't out of order....

so, we finally selected a new couch on saturday. we decided a sectional would eat up too much of the room and settled for an ottoman instead. now we just have to actually purchase it and get it here. none too soon since beany puked or peed or i don't know what on the couch during the sleeping hours. whatever she done put on there, it was weirdly strong enough to coax oskar out of the bedroom twice: the first time, he wound up in oliver's path and retreated and the second time, he slinked in a straight line over the coffee table and straight to "the spot". curiously ick.

in celebration of cinco de mayo weekend, we then proceeded to De Tapas. which has nothing to do with mexico, but still. they brought us tapas and a pitcher of sangria while oliver darted about the fenced in patio.

sunday morning, as promised, we drove north to somewhere just outside of coppell and entered the grand gates of the sandy lake amusement park. oliver enjoys the music on their website.

we presented our coupon good for free admission and parked under a tree by some awesome picnic tables. even the picnic tables were awesome. and the parking free. we were already leaps and bounds ahead of six flags in so many ways.

they had an arcade where nothing was made after, say, 1986. there was skee ball and galaga and final lap and carnival-type games and electronic games i don't even have the words for which to describe. oliver liked the coin-operated horse best. brian liked the skee ball with stickers for prizes best. he lied to the ticket-dispenser-man and said they were for his son. i am glad he did this. the stickers are now on his guitar.

we graduated to the old carousel and oliver even sat on a horse. then we rode the tiny train around the property and saw the funniest goats you ever saw. we do not have photos of them. it was by the paddleboats where oliver threw the tennis ball with which we had been traveling. it rolled under the chain link fence while the other hobos looked on.

it was at this point we crossed our fingers that oliver had warmed up enough to the idea of carnival rides and we plopped him into a car that looked like it was straight out of the ambiguously gay duo. he had a swell time until about halfway through when something i could not identify went wrong. he went from holding the wheel to sticking his fingers in his mouth. it was shortly after this that i learned there actually is something more sad than a child crying and that's a child trying not to cry.

his first ride by himself!

his first ride by himself! i find no end to the amount of hilarity provided by this photo.

after that, we stuck with what we knew: another trip on the train and the carousel. brian branched out to the bumper cars, the paratrooper, a miniature rollercoaster, and the twizzler (i made that up). well, i did try to take oliver on the dragon wagon (and man, did i ever want to ride that thing), but he freaked out once i got the belt, sized for two small children, wrapped around the both of us. i have to admit i was freaking out a little as well due to my propensity to be mildly claustrophobic.

after a couple of hours, we were moving into meltdown territory, so we stopped back through the arcade and then hit the road.

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