May 9th, 2008

ttyki fish eye

birthday: numbered two.

oh my god.

oliver turned 23 months on wednesday.

this means that his birthday is officially less than one month away. at least we'll have a new couch by then. but, i haven't selected a birthday shirt yet (i'm not entirely sure how i've managed to make this a tradition) and i'm nowhere near figuring out the cake. i asked his opinion this morning in order to find some kind of direction and he was really excited about the unicorns (as we are all around here). the owl would be much easier to make. for my mother. hahahaha!

who out there has some photos of awesome cakes? maybe i'll just make him a hummus sculpture with cracker unicorns.

at least the invitations are present and accounted for. now, if i could just get someone to fill them out and mail them.


austin in the springtime.

i never told you this: we went to austin on march 1.

we went to visit our friend (technically, brian's friend, but i'm pretty sure he likes me better), ricky, who recently purchased a new house in an olde style in the northeasterly quadrant where tejano blasts from parked trucks and cock-a-doodle-doos blast from parked roosters reign supreme and you are assaulted by all manner of ice cream men and their tunes who come both on foot and on wheels. there are two pecan trees. yet, we were without pecans all winter long.

we arrived saturday afternoon and quickly left for a late lunch at veggie heaven.

then, we lounged about ricky's living room while he told us about his 101 real life ghost stories, including the one from his trip to peru last year where he and another member of their three-person party both saw a shadow man hovering over them during the night. ricky has had many encounters with shadow men. and i'm not talking about his dating life. he believes his mother attracts spirits. the house they live in now has provided several incidences. i have been there before. i am not certain i will go back. i can't remember if he said it's built on an old burial ground or an old indian tribal ground or an old indian burial ground or just an old cow pasture.

we eventually made our way out the door, across the street, and 20 yards to the park. pretty much anytime i take oliver to a place where there are other children, there will inevitably be at least one odd child who will do things like block our path or take away a toy or try to step on oliver's fingers. on that particular day, it was a boy who was wearing a grill. on his teeth. on our way out of the park, i cowered as we passed the only gangbanger ice cream man i've ever seen pushing his cart up to the jungle gym.

we dined at the recently re-opened mother's cafe that evening with evelyn and hank. and ricky, of course. i was finally able to luxuriate with an order of mushroom alfredo. i considered eating the plate once i had finished. oliver seemed like he was fairly strung out until i checked the time and realized we had, somehow, been there for two and a half hours. this meant he had actually done remarkably well. despite our lengthy stay, i somehow manged to feel that i had barely talked with evelyn. i hate when that happens.

brian and ricky tried to find a movie at i love video while i sat in the car with an increasingly agitated oliver. they failed. so we sat in his living room eating take out apple pie and then moved to his bedroom, it's not what you're thinking, to watch an episode of kinder-... kinder-... i'm forgetting now. and googling kinder comedy skit for 45 seconds is of no help. but, anyhow.

sunday morning, we spent all kinds of time youtubing ghost videos and scaring the crap out of ourselves (have you seen this one?) before meeting with a friend of ricky's at trudy's for brunch. from there, it was bookpeople and toy joy and i'm pretty sure that's all the energy we had left for the rest of the day before heading home.

i failed to take many quality photos.

the neighbors had some kind of dog farm.