May 4th, 2008


house of blues.

i'm currently dying because i can't keep myself from scoping out real estate and finding places just out of our reach.

and there's this one place that's huge and about a mile out of downtown built in 1930 as a duplex which has just been 90% converted to a single family and it's going for a song (which equals just under $200k). but, it's more of a song than we probably need to sing and this place isn't even on the market and the other place only has a pittance of a backyard, which is mostly the point of moving, though it does have a nice patio on top of the garage.

we drove by this evening and peeked in the windows and there was a man looking at it when we first drove by and now i'm upset he's going to steal it away from us.

it makes me want to cry.