May 3rd, 2008

wanna kiss?

separation anxiety apparently equals herpes.

since we gave up on ever going back to kidztime, if we can help it, i find myself surprised to have a couple of minutes of childfree time at home this morning. it comes courtesy of a herpe on my upper lip which has embarrassed me to the point of not wanting to be face-to-face with people we almost know who might not want a herpes-ridden person around their children on a regular basis. stigma!

i admit i was mildly relieved after mustering up my courage to go to dream cafe last night to dine in the full rays of the setting sun to see a paper sign on the play area's picket fence announcing there would be no funtime for awhile because bees had set up camp in the miniature house. i wonder how they found out. bee-covered child. oops.

however, oliver had obviously seen the wonderland before his eyes and protested wildly that we had teased him and were now putting him back in the car. i felt super shitty. he didn't understand when i told him we were going to reverchon park for swings and slides. well, i think he understood a little. i gave him an apple wedge to ease his pain and occupy his mouth.

the magical, gigantic tarp over the playground at reverchon was conspicuously absent and thusly did the blinding rays of the herpes-revealing sun shine down forcefully upon my face. i tried to walk around chasing oliver with my lips curled slightly inward so that parents didn't feel compelled to scurry their children back up under their aprons and out of the path of the pathogenic beast.

we patronized PPV again last night (sorry Premiere Video!) and watched my kid could paint that. man, i felt sorry for that little girl. and even sorrier for her little brother. dad was fishy.

today, after we take care of mundane tasks like gathering christian eggs and toilet paper and water filters, we plan on doing mundane things like going to ikea to couch shop once more. our couch is propped up on a usps cardboard box. just in case. we found this one couch that we kind of liked, but it's covered in teflon. my lungs hurt just thinking about it.

tomorrow, sandy lake amusement park and picnic grounds. i drove past that place for 10 years without ever stopping. it's about time...