April 23rd, 2008

pee wee tongue

geekend before last...

... we ordered up the king of kong on the pay-per-view at the urging of emily_swank.


it was pretty geekatronic. i kept having to rewind because so many geeky things would happen at once, my remarks were covering up the next geeky thing. it was sad in 100 ways. one of those ways involved the lack of a father for two young children because dad was spending hours a day in the garage trying to break the world record donkey kong score. a classic line was delivered by his daughter when she was trying to get him to explain the importance of being in the guinness book of world records and she replied: "it seems a whole lot of people waste their lives trying to get in that book!" or something thereabouts. poor girl. yet very clever indeed.

i'm trying to convince brian to dress as either billy mitchell or arcade game referee walter day for halloween.

we dutifully attended the little gym the following morning and then left for waxahachie and geekend, part II: scarborough renaissance festival. brian's friend, april, had invited us and a select few others to celebrate her birthday there. i don't think i had been in probably 10 years. fortunately, it was a gorgeous day, so i was glad to be outside.

while we were waiting outside for them, this one woman came strolling up to the main gate and slipped on the loose rocks. i thought a horse had gone down behind me from the sound of it. she totally busted the outside of her nose. how bad would that suck to bust your nose before you even got in there?

i like this photo of the gates. "Scarborough Renaissance Festival... brought to you by Tom Thumb" (sign at far right).

some guinevere type being ferried in with her white satin clad daughter.

we enjoyed pointing out everything that didn't belong. like ye olde cellphones used by some of the employees. or ye olde atm machine. or ye olde portable potties. many people were there dressed in their finest upholstery fabric paired with a corset and birkenstocks. we rambled around for a couple of hours until oliver began the countdown. i felt sad for the elephants and ponies and token lama that were walking in circles with weirdos on their backs.

i think we went to ikea and eurway that sunday because our couch is busy turning itself into matchsticks and we're counting down the moments until i do something like stick my hand under there to retrieve a toy or an apple wedge and the whole thing comes crashing down to break my arm. i think we also went to veggie garden and felt very much like we were at suma veggie, from the looks of our plates.

on an island in the sea.

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