April 8th, 2008


work overload. sleep deprivation. ticking bombs.

work is still busy busy busy. baby has better days and worse days. i have little to no time to cook or clean (my third job). i try to walk oliver around the courtyard every day at five, weather permitted. sometimes we play ball or chase bubbles. i try not to get too upset when he puts large rocks in his mouth and then chases the residue with fingers which have recently dug in the mud. robert played ball with him yesterday and robert introduced himself to brian last friday and said with a baby that pretty, we must have been giggling the night we made him. we left quickly.

oliver has begun waking around 11pm and staying awake a good two hours. i do not like this development. when we finally got him back to sleep last night around the midnight hour, a large-sounding canine begin barking it's head off. it stopped. i thought, perhaps, its owner had walked it through possum territory. an indeterminate amount of time later, i heard it again through my oncoming sleep haze. oliver had finally passed back out. i was not pleased with the barking. brian slept soundly. i listened and listened and listened. it was still barking.

my mind's eye switched from possum kingdom to an eating of the ducks who have returned to the pool to the dog being trapped in the pool (did i tell you about the new pool gate development?) to someone being mauled in the courtyard to a dog's attempts to prevent burlgarization, or murder, even, to a resident trapped in an incapacitated state in their condo while the dog lassied urgently for help which did not seem to be coming.

i found some pants in the clean clothes pile in oliver's room and slowly stuck my body out into the perimeter of the courtyard and prepared to meet death by tearing fang. i saw another person about my age (the geriatrics were all sleeping!) stepping out one building down at the same time. there were others like us, slowly emerging. scratching our sleep-deprived heads. "should i call 911?" was one of my early queries. the dog was on a balcony and smaller/younger than i had expected after hearing its voice. it was still barking away at the door. someone was obviously dying in there somewhere. hips were broken. pacemakers were discharging their batteries. someone had too much salt with their soybeans and suffered a heart attack like i did that one time.

a couple who had been banging on the back door broke off and went around to the front. after a wait, they came back to report the owner had said people were in and out and the dog escaped and they were in the front bedroom and didn't hear. i'm wondering how you don't notice a very large toddler dog missing when you go to bed.

oliver was well awake and screaming his head off through the open windows by now and the light sleepers were crying to themselves about how The Night of the Baby-Dog would never end.

i felt like i didn't sleep last night, but realized this morning, when oliver screamed until i got up with him and brian, that i must have as i was unaware that i had once again been thrown up on in the middle of the night.

remind me to call again about that gate.