March 31st, 2008



oliver's back on over there for the afternoon. i made the mistake of not having him passed over the counter just before feeling like they were ready for me to hit the road. i made the mistake of lingering at the little gate, waiting to see him take off and play with abandon and not care where i may or may not be. there was an infant in a car seat crying and that was making a little girl oliver's age cry.

oliver stood there looking at me and then his little face started screwing up to cry. i went through the gate and picked him up to go look around.

there is only one person working. not counting oliver, she is watching over an infant, a 2 year old, two 3 year olds, a four year old, the phones, and the door. seriously. i can barely get along just watching oliver. what's she going to do when a third kid starts crying (the third kid being oliver)?

after about 15 minutes of playing with him, oliver started taking off a little on his own and i decided to try my escape. i went to the other side of the gate and paused. he was busy moving stools (haha that sounds funny). i exited and looked through the plate glass window in time to see him staring after me. the glare prevented me from seeing his expression.

there's a tornado watch in effect until 9pm. what would you do with six children aged infant to four years if tornado sirens went off within earshot?

to console myself a minuscule amount, i am drinking The Gold of the Incas, also known as Cusquena. it sounds expensive, but i only paid $6.49 for a six pack from the goody goody on upper greenville. they have The Gold of the Incas there.

while driving up preston the other day on my way to spy on another christian-based daycare, i passed the unitarian church which insists on making me sad by not having a daycare. across the street was a playground and i thought "i was wrong! they do have daycare!" and then i realized it was the park cities ymca (park cities is an enclave in dallas composed of elitists who, at some point, seceded from dallas). maybe i haven't looked at their info since i was impregnated and was unconcerned about daycare, but they have daycare! sort of. starting at three. in the meantime, when you join the Y, you can drop your kid off for up to two hours at no charge! and the fees for joining are reasonable, especially when you can factor out a minimum of 1.5 hours at the kidztime alternative. we're going on a guest pass tomorrow. it would be awesome to be in better shape.

ps: after making a reservation at the KZT last week and trying to make one for today, i was informed reservations are only required if younger than 18 months. WE SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN REFUSED WHEN WE WENT TO DINNER FRIDAY BEFORE LAST. ugh.