March 25th, 2008

oliver food


why is my 21 month old regressing to the point of putting all nature of non-food items into his mouth?

a list from the last handful of days:

-paper cup wrapper from a rocher chocolate
-acorn hat
-plastic information sticker from the bottom of a shoe
-i think i'm forgetting, or blocking, something else
wanna kiss?

photos: brian's bday and vday.

i posted words already about brian's birthday on 2/13. prepare for the visual edition:

this has nothing to do with his birthday. i just wanted to show a photo of oliver on a day when i made him wear a 6mos old onesie. it still fits like a dream!

oliver was mystified by our roomba when he was about six months old. then we put it away for awhile. then we brought it back out and he was terrified. then we put it away for awhile. the we brought it back out and he was obsessed. it has been the source of countless tantrums because he has no patience for recharging batteries. initially, he would make me turn it on and then push me around the room by the legs after it. he would then stick his head through my legs to watch it. it looks like i am winning at wrestling.

this is brian grabbing a hold of his birthday package:

this is brian displaying his goods:

this is father and child sorting through their business:

i was there, too. so was juana.

drunk on love:

mini cakes on the mini stove:

i think you know:

we did end up going to dream cafe for dinner on vday. oliver kicked up a fuss the second he landed in his booster seat. we quickly changed our order into to go. we know when we've been beat.
valentine's day family photo with wiggly toddler:

valentine's day loot:

mommy baby (+ reflection of the ubiquitous elmo):

baby's first obscenely-shaped stickers:

he loves me not.

he loves me not.

he loves me!

even though brian has been brushing oliver's teeth since he was maybe six months old, it never occurred to me until that night to take a photo. he loves eating toothpaste.