March 18th, 2008


the dallas aquarium.

sunday before last, we made the hasty decision to visit the dallas aquarium. i learned that the building a couple of blocks away with a very large, marine-themed mural is not, in fact, the aquarium. it was at this point that i ceased with the giving of directions to the driver.

as we should have learned in galveston early last fall, oliver is not particularly interested in things, like aquariums, which we think would be interesting to a toddler. he suffered through it and humored us as we spiraled through the faux-humid levels gazing upon these crocodile-type critters and the world's largest otter with the world's scariest otter face and manatees shaped like brian's cat, ozzy. a self-proclaimed bat loving lady took many flash photos of the poor darkness-dwelling creatures. that did not show love to me.

anyhow, on to the photo show.

oliver with the keys to the aquarium:

we are green:

he actually found something aquarium-related to take an interest in. what was really great was how this aquarium was bordered by moist dirt just perfect for small hands to rub in.

the large aquarium. i had much difficulty convincing all photo participants to cooperate and hold still for low-light creations.


penguins! what was fancy about this spot was that it was outdoors and there were apartments about 20 feet away whereby the inhabitants could pretend they are hugh hefner with a garden view containing sad, little, penned up penguins.

this was the saddest of all. don't they say that caged cats pace because of anxiety? but don't feel bad. he was just prancing about his cage as the king of the lost temple. he enjoys it!

in order to show that the dallas aquarium treats all species equally, they have installed an exhibit of underwater humans:

we retired to the ginger man for beers and a community pretzel and then to ahab bowen to purchase a vintage, kelly green skirt just in time to not wear for st. patrick's day.