March 14th, 2008


december 2007/january 2008: funeral and sweet sixteen.

the holiday season was full of road trips. in addition to thanksgiving and xmas, oliver and i also went to chandler (just outside of tyler) on dec 20 for the funeral of my parents' friend, joe. the eulogy was delivered by his oldest son and was well done. the flowers were tropical in honor of his love of mexico. the casket was closed, tastefully, thankfully.

i was a mildly blubbering mess, but oliver managed to keep things light by entertaining himself with a keychain flashlight and mirrored lipstick case in the back pew. i left with child to wander the halls and look at the xmas tree halfway through. it was a beautiful day and even a little warm once we arrived graveside. there was a healthy turn out and his children and wife sat in shock. i can't imagine having to drive out of there and leave my husband alone in a hole in the ground.

one week after xmas, oliver and i returned again to tyler for my niece's 16th birthday. the celebration was low key. after racing by my parents for a diaper change and pre-lunch snack, we met my sister's family, my grandparents, and my niece's boyfriend's family at the red lobster where i dined on surprisingly delectable asparagus.

this is the red lobster.

the party moved across loop 323 to the baskin robbins/dunkin donuts combo affair for ice cream. as you can see, oliver ate a banana.

and tried on bracelets.

we returned to dallas promptly that afternoon. there was still one more trip to be had...