March 13th, 2008

oliver st patrick's

my week to date.

monday, i was back at my cookbook. i finally made the chickpea gravy from vegan with a vengeance and poured it on top of herb roasted fingerling potatoes and set them next to cauliflower and baby carrots which had been roasted in garlic and doused with lemon juice. it was all very savory.

there was much gravy left over and tuesday found it re-purposed with a dash of red wine and a bed of fettuccine and a bag of mushrooms into stroganoff. oliver finally liked him some mushrooms.

more nutty-seedy spread was made. this time, it was walnuts, cashews, almonds, pepitas, and sunflower seeds. i still don't quite understand how it comes out tasting a little cheesy. i also tossed a giant tomato, some onion, half a jalapeno, some salt, some lime juice, and some dehydrated cilantro into the blender and made some salsa. the red onion, we believe, was a poor choice.

brian declared himself "sick" monday morning and stayed in bed while i declared myself "still sick" and got up with the baby and started working. and because of the ridiculous way brian's employer has set up their sick time usage, he went ahead and declared himself "still sick" tuesday to take advantage. this meant that i was able to go to central market by myself on monday and whole foods by myself on tuesday.

the weather had turned rather warm and the hours of daylight had been saved, so we finally went for a walk after the stroganoff dinner tuesday night. i tried to talk brian into proceeding all the way to ridgewood park, but he said he would poop his pants, so i considered myself lucky to get him out the door at all because lord knows you wouldn't catch me walking a half mile away from my house with fecal urgency knocking on my butthole's door.

last night, i met melody in arlington to get my hair de-flubbed and catch up with her over beers at this place called sherlock's. a cover band ran us off to the other room when they fired up their rendition of hey, jealousy and made me feel like i was in some nefarious time machine with controls jammed to 1997. the lead singer wore jeans and a slightly unbuttoned, long-sleeved black shirt with gelled hair. melody guessed the song was by the goo goo dolls. brian won with his phone entry of the gin blossoms. then, because sherlock's is supposed to be one of those american irish pubs, they started reading off the answers to some irish trivia contest we had missed and one of the answers made me start to say "god. i was in high school when U2 came out." and then i remembered "wait, i must've been like 11 when U2 came out." and then melody was all "i was three!" and i wanted to wrap her baby blanket around her face. it's kind of like how i was three when the beatles broke up, except the wiki just told me they actually broke up two years before i was born, but all this time...

today, evelyn was on her way back to austin after visiting dallas for an exciting spring break. oliver and i just returned from lunching with her at kalachandji's. oliver had this little tantrum because he wanted out of his booster seat and started violently shaking himself back and forth and almost scooted right off the bench and under the table except i barely caught him and i wondered if he was old enough yet to think "ok, yeah, you're right, i totally shouldn't have done that." probably not. he also almost hit his head on the edge of a brick wall. so i put him down and he did his best to stick his hands into all the birdbath fountains as many times as possible and now his bear jacket needs a washing.

i hate to even say this for fear of jinxing it right out of the water, but i got him down for a nap.

this weekend hopes to be chock full of excitement. the little gym saturday morning followed by the st patrick's day parade, which i could've sworn we'd just gone to the other day. then we'll likely be purchasing season passes to six flags for sunday, which is something i thought i'd never catch myself doing but oliver gets in free until he's two and i could completely handle riding kiddie rides with him.

speaking of girly mannerisms...

i caught photographic evidence that oliver is inheriting some of his father's mannerisms (note the pinky in some and then there's just the general cuteness in others):

i stumbled across a piece of paper brian had been using and was immediately struck with a fizzy mixture of giggles and fear. i liked it even more before i realized the neck and shoulders were not crazy bird legs.