March 10th, 2008



the week after we came back from tyler, oliver's runny nose turned into a cough that didn't seem too bad. so i'm not sure if what i've had came from that or is entirely different. it hasn't been that traditionally overwhelming type of head&chest number. mostly chest. starting the end of last week, i had bouts of little headaches and feeling like i had cotton in my head and needed to put my head on a pillow and i keep getting fatigued easily. there's this little monster made of phlegm that refuses to leave.

but, i'm mostly still functioning.

last night, when oliver woke up, i noticed i was having difficulty taking deep breaths. that worried me a little. it felt like a band around my lungs. and then i started noticing the incredibly annoying metallic taste in my mouth which is apparently a sign that the invading virus has made it into the chorda tympani.

i asked brian this morning if he was planning on getting up anytime soon. this is not unusual. i generally get to get up with the baby on my own. sick or not. he said he doesn't feel well and will probably be taking a sick day. grrr.

i'm considering opening up our relationship to polyamory so that we can have a second mom and i can stay in bed and not get up with the baby.