March 6th, 2008


singing, gaining, kvetching.

i was just changing oliver's pants and singing old macdonald had a (animal sanctuary) farm and i'm pretty sure he was trying to imitate the E-I-E-I-O. it's so crazy how he's all of a sudden starting to mimic words. toddlers are nuts.

i noticed yesterday afternoon that he spontaneously gained three pounds. either that, or i became spontaneously more decrepit, which is a possibility after the stroll i took with him to the duck pond yesterday. aside from the fact that the cold that was coming on started dumping mucous in my stomach making me want to recline on the sidewalk, my hip and then thigh and then calf started aching and i woke up with all kinds of stiffness this morning. good grief. i blame it on my undiagnosed crooked back, which i can probably blame on carrying my books on my hip in middle school. remember that whole business? the carrying of books on your hip? you probably had to be there in the early to mid 80s. before the backpacks gained popularity.


we had barbecued seitan sandwiches last night. i had marinated the slices for a day in a mix of 365 brand steak sauce mixed with tomato paste, lime juice, garlic, apple cider vinegar, and a dash of mustard. it wasn't too bad. oliver even ate some.

i had one more portion of it to knock off and decided to make tacos, since i just happened to have a packet of simply organic's taco seasoning. then i realized i didn't have what appeared to be a pound. i shredded what was left (what a pain in the ass) and sauteed it in a mixture of coconut and canola oils with a little less than half a sliced purple onion, a thousand pounds of diced garlic, and some thinly sliced and flash boiled baby carrots. to make up a little more bulk, in went a can of organic pinto beans. and it's pretty good to boot.

i need to do a cost analysis of the homemade seitan. that meager two cups of vital wheat gluten plus the liquids added to it blew up into this gigantic monster that has stretched into four meals now. the beauty of it is you can experiment with the seasonings that actually go into making the seitan itself and one website tells me it's a nearly complete protein with more protein per serving than tofu (without those pesky phytoestrogens) and provides some b vitamins and iron (which will keep the baby from going retarded).

what a shame darren was diagnosed with a gluten allergy last xmas eve. no seitan stroganoff for him.