March 4th, 2008


snow fall.

you simply would not believe the winter wonderland i woke up to this morning. i snapped some photos quick before the sun could produce devastating effects on the torrential snowy output.

*that there is ice on the roof

i pleaded with brian to avoid the icy roads and work from home today, but he refused. it's like, 42 degrees out there!

xmas 2007: #1

we xmas'd proper at my parents house in 2007. we traveled in separate vehicles. as i took oliver the evening before xmas eve day, i tried to keep from wrecking while my eyes remained transfixed on the gorgeous moon rise manifesting over sunset-lit trees and grass. venus and saturn looked like two, small balloons tethered to the moon, following it as it climbed the sky.

the following morning, my mother, oliver, and i went to the broadyway square mall to get santa pictures taken. it was brutal. the line didn't appear long, but it was barely moving. i felt sorry for all the people snaking along behind us and was grateful we had gotten there when we did. families ran to the nearby chik-fil-a to grab lunch, eat lunch, and then wait some more. i phoned brian after we had been waiting a good 30 minutes and as he was just getting to the outer edge of town and suggested he might be able to make it to the mall in time. he drove across town found a parking space and got through the penney's with more than enough time to spare. oliver started getting grumpy as he arrived at the front of the line at least an hour later and after both nap and lunch time. as i placed him on santa's lap i feared we would be getting one of those screaming child santa photos like some of the customers before us. he quickly quieted down and sat very solemnly on santa's lap until it was all over with. he was 100% without humor, curiosity, or joviality. it was a business meeting with santa. all work. financials to be audited.

i'm sure we lolled about the house the rest of the afternoon and then put on our pants to eat xmas eve meatballs with my sister's family before heading out to church. we spent glorious little time in the sanctuary before carting oliver off to some secret baby room. we dawdled around there and, despite my extensive experience with having my child viewed as a girl, i managed to ask a lady how old her daughter was. in my defense, the poor lad was dressed in what was essentially a bibbed red plaid dress gathered at the bottom into knickered knee cuffs. oh lordy was it ever the girliest boy clothing i have ever seen. her husband had dissented, but she won the clothing competition.

the fun ended abruptly when oliver kept darting behind these folding panels and managed to get his finger squished in between and scared the crap out of me because i couldn't immediately figured out which way the panels needed to swing to release it and i didn't want to squish it even more and mother-of-the-girl-boy told us which way and he was free and we were out of there. he wore his xmas pajamas from last year.

xmas morning, oliver emptied the modest contents of his stocking (crayons, coloring book, two seuss board books, one of those $1 wooden yellow helicopters he picked up at the target). we restrained ourselves with gift giving to him because many dollars went to purchase the present he would receive the following week at xmas #2 and because he gets way too much from extended family members and because it's absolutely ridiculous the amount of things people feel they must accumulate and insist that others accumulate. he received nothing from santa. he doesn't even know who santa is. i am okay with that. we also gave him a track extender set for his wooden railway that we purchased on clearance ages ago, a GALLOP board book, and a couple of puzzles we got him ages ago on clearance. brian gave me a necklace from etsy and a cd. i gave him a chord book and one or two other things. i think that was it.

my sister's family showed up and it was pure, unadulterated gifting carnage followed by guitar hero. we eventually had xmas dinner and then brian ditched us. oliver and i were staying on two more nights in order to see friends and have $500 in car repairs done because the camry was idling pretty rough. after doing an oil change and an inspection and replacing the radiator, the car still idles rough. oh well. you can't say i didn't try.

the weather was super shitty those two days, so we stayed home bored out of our minds. the first night, my parents watched oliver and i went to dinner at some new asian place called julian's with christie and barbara. i dined on kamikazes and had to pee so bad on my 10 minute drive home that i ended up pulling into a service station.

in summary: i like kamikazes for dinner.

santa claus is coming to town: bedtime on xmas eve.

i received large, difficult-to-break crayons and a coloring book in my stocking:

this book has already been colored:

brian opens his stocking to find wholesome gifts like bubbie's pickles, uncomplicated chocolate, garlic-stuffed olives, nuts, and fruit. he makes sad faces because, despite multiple reminders, he was under the assumption that i would prepare my own stocking. santa claus did not visit mommy.

i might never have paul mccartney in my life, but there's always this:


new cookware:

daddy's new gig bag:

presenting mr. happy:

groovy dad

voting. chained to the kitchen.

at 2pm this afternoon, oliver and i ran to whole foods and then to ye olde voting precinct in deep ellum. i was just thinking yesterday how i should try to update my voting address (again) and then grew nostalgic for the 3210 precinct. as i arrived to sign in to vote, i was told my registration was in "suspense" and i suspect it's about to be updated after having to fill out a card with my address.

so, mission obama part I accomplished.

we arrived home around 3:30 and i was chained to the kitchen crumbling seitan and cooking it with onions and garlic and oregano and basil before adding spaghetti sauce and then slicing seitan and putting it in a barbecue-like marinade and then making a labor intensive, one hour bread.

as i sat on the floor with a bowl between my knees punching the dough for seven minutes, oliver pulled his plastic shoe box over to the gate and watched for awhile and i started wondering again when he would be old enough to put to work performing manual tasks like punching dough with a wooden spoon for an eternal seven minutes.

then he started dipping down and popping back up and saying "hi!", down, up, "hi!", down, up, "hi!'...

brian just left to take oliver to his make up class and i'm having that weird where's-the-baby feeling again. i couldn't go because it would run into my time to go a-caucusing at 7:15. this texas two-step business is an odd duck.