February 20th, 2008


day care, latinos, and games children play.

i dropped our name at the day care again yesterday by asking if they require a particular type of cloth diaper. it's been almost three weeks since they emailed to say they might move some things around which could open up a couple of spots and they'd know in a week or two. no mention was made regarding that in her response, but she was pleased we use cloth as she used them with her own daughter. point! then she said, "if he gets in." i choose to believe this is just a bit of careful wording and not a confirmation that she doesn't like me and won't have my ilk in her institution.

sometimes, when getting his underpanties changed, oliver will sing a note in rhythmic bursts and i will graciously sing with him, often in harmonic dissonance, or something like that. so we were doing this for awhile yesterday and then oliver took both of his index fingers and placed the tips in the corresponding ear canals. i don't know if he was trying to maintain his pitch in the face of my powerful companion notes or what, but i was rather surprised to see he knew the trick of putting his index fingertips in his ears.

before that, we returned from yet another lost trip to the park, because i deemed the time better spent letting him nap in the car after previous failed napping attempts, and there was a work truck a couple of spaces down from us with some fine, latino gentleman loading up. as i came around the front of the truck carrying oliver, i said 'hello' to one of them and he responded in kind. after i stepped a handful of paces onward, i heard him say 'el nino'. considering the machismoistic latino culture, i think this carries fair weight in oliver's favor that he did not say 'la nina'. i verified with brian that the spanish language does not use 'el nino' also as the default for 'i do not know the gender of that child'.

last night, we got oliver super riled up for bedtime by accidentally playing hide and seek. he would take turns leading us around the condo by the finger and we would shout "mommy!" or "daddy!" ... whichever was applicable. i was super excited to hear him say mommy, since he doesn't usually. of course, he probably says it all the time and i'm just such a poor toddler interpreter that i miss it. for instance, i pouted that he was saying "daddy!" and not "mommy!" and brian said he had and then oliver led brian around looking for me and i zoned out standing behind the bedroom door dreaming how dreamy it would be to hear him calling my name and then i missed it again. i mentally sent myself to the principal's office and caught it the next time. he was less frightened of the hide and seek than i was. and i could even see what was coming.

we did make it to the park today. he walked himself from the car to the playground instead of being carried. he went down the little slide twice by himself. he switched back and forth between the two bucket swings until he had taken four turns. he cried when he realized we were leaving.