February 14th, 2008



from daily candy:

Polaroid Instant Film
What: The company is winding down production of the old-school film, so hoard a stash now.

aw. i guess i'm glad i didn't get one of those rainbow-striped polaroids off of ebay last year. my grandparents had one of those (was it my grandparents?). i wonder if any indie producers will pick the production up.

happy valentine's day.

we're officially in the second part of the one-two punch of february. we celebrated brian's birthday last night by eating obscene amounts of greek food at ali baba's while oliver did his usual carb loading. then we watched hell house at home and ate cheesecake/chocolate mousse from central market.

brian's gifts were as follows:

1) paid parking ticket which he would have inevitably forgotten to do for the rest of his life until he was arrested for it.

2) the shaggs cd

3) bonnie prince billy cd

4) two oriental folk paintings from ebay (which didn't arrive)

5) three jesus patches which were intended to be ironed on to a shopping bag (they did not arrive)

now, he's sacked out in bed waiting for two days filled with cleaning the condo capped with a visit by his mother, stepfather, brother, sister-in-law, and nephew on saturday. this place is a wreck. oliver has reached new heights in making messes. it doesn't help that all his toys now consist of five thousand pieces each. of course, that stuff is relatively easy to pick up (five times a day). it's our messes which require a bit more effort to erase.

so, i was totally late going to the supertarget to purchase valentine greetings. i usually get one for mom, one for dad, one for mom and dad, one for each member of my sister's family (4), one for my grandparents, one for brian, and one for oliver. i decided this was not environmentally friendly and decided to consolidate. it is a good thing since i didn't consider that the supertarget might start running out of valentine's two days before the big day. i suppose it lessened the pressure of finding just the right one(s). i did barely locate one for oliver, which is odd because finding quality valentines for children is usually the most difficult. i don't know why. i will ignore the fact that it says "grandson" and pretend it says "grand son". it has robot stickers. i will ignore the fact that they are shaped like unquestionable things and that the people who designed them are likely sitting at their respective breakfast tables and giggling over that fact.

oliver's breakfast is sort of valentine colored. purple. from the blackberries and liquid vitamins. yum.

we'll be returning to the dream cafe for vegan burgers tonight. it's awesome because no one goes there for valentine's day. or halloween, for that matter.

happy valentine's day!

you get two because they are electronic.