January 29th, 2008


more naptime woes and dresses i buy which don't fit.

yesterday was as far from the bee's knees as one could get without having a true tragedy befall one. the quasi-tragedy revolved around sir master oliver's dramatic refusals to engage in nap time over a period equal to and possibly greater than, but certainly not less than, three hours.

he now sleeps gingerly in the adjoining room and has done so for at least an hour now, god bless him.

and of course he awoke the moment after i placed the period on that sentence.

the power has just disappeared into the blustery mess outside for the fourth time in 45 minutes. people in remote working land must think i've gone bananas what with all my comings and goings from the Yahoo! Instant Messenger they are so fond of using for their spontaneous communications. i find fear when i consider going outside. but i really must get to the bank to deposit my first paycheck, which i have already begun spending. i wonder if i would have less fear were i of shaved head. fewer lashes to the eyeballs.

fifth time. and i think something just exploded.

this saturday past, our threesome went to deep ellum after our soiree at the little gym. we bided time at the murray street coffee house because i desperately needed to pee and the toilets at the farmers market were in the construction zone. despite the owner emphatically trying to sell me a buttery baguette after telling me the cinnamon teabread was on vacation, i ate a wheat bagel. brian asked for the peanut butter cookie, but, as it turned out, it was one of a pair of conjoined triplets, so the one became three and our dollar evacuation did not increase in number.

oliver maintained a good humor while we ate. he didn't try to break anything and managed to keep his fingers out of the hummus plate ordered by nearby patrons.

we then proceeded to the vintage factory on main street. the owner informed us everything was 50% off of their already low prices because this was their last day before moving operations to san diego because, let's face it, the kids in japan love the western vintage fashions, but they aren't about to visit dallas to acquire them. i asked how long they had been in business and was surprised to hear they had spent years in the space next door. i'm unsure if it's a testament to my lack of attention to detail or they're lack of proper advertising and storefront making that i lived a quarter of a mile up the road for four years and passed by at least twice on a daily basis and never once knew they were an entity.

we purchased a dress and a skirt for me and a shirt for Oliver of the Future. i now add that dress to the other dress i purchased the weekend before at ahab bowen which both require passage on my upcoming first trip to a tailor. i'm enchanted with the idea that there is someone down the road who can take all those clothes in my closet and possibly transform them into garments i won't disdain draping across my form.

brian also impulse purchased these two orange metal cabinets with sliding glass doors which dramatically increased in size with each and every step i took helping him up our stairs with them. there is no trip to a tailor to remedy that mess.

sixth time.