January 23rd, 2008


crusty bed.

last night, i stripped off all the cat puke bedding. i discovered i had not been puked on once, but THREE times. one was up near my head, which makes me think it must have been ttyki considering she has taken to sleeping close enough to my head since the weather turned cold that it is not unusual for me to wake in the middle of the night and find myself eyehole to asshole.

i put on the flannel sheets and my two blankets and tucked it all generously into the foot of the bed in an attempt to keep it tidy in the war with the messy sleeper next to me for at least a couple of days. the white coverlet went over that.

when i crawled into bed last night, i imagined being tucked safely under the surface of a warm, crusty dinner roll... the kind that are served in a basket lined with a white napkin. who doesn't love the feeling of climbing into a freshly made bed?

let's see how long we can keep it puke free. and litter free. and cat hair free. there's nothing like rolling over into a miniature pile of litter. nothing.

oliver is watching more television this week. it's because i'm a push over. he's discovered he can grab my hand or legs and push me around to where he wants me. it's hard to say no when a cute little boy is pushing you up against the entertainment center. saying "elmo" doesn't help things either.

and if that wasn't cute enough, he's also started toddling over to the window to look for brian on the sidewalk after he goes out the front door in the mornings. ironically, it's the only time he stands at the window without beating the shit out of it.