January 22nd, 2008


sleep stages.

when oliver was born, i instantly became the night watchman. if he moved or if brian moved, i was promptly awakened and checking to make sure oliver hadn't wrapped an entire blanket around one of his nostrils. this extended to waking if one of my cats was even considering puking. i was a lightning bolt in the night. i thought i'd never experience deep sleep again.

imagine my surprise when, after several months, i began experiencing periodic multi-hour periods of sleep immersion. i was panic stricken. eventually, as oliver got older and more experienced with methods of rescuing himself from the inherent dangers of sleep, i relaxed. there was more fear later when i worried he would crawl all the way over me and fall head first on to the floor without even remotely stirring me from slumber.

last night, i reached an all time sleeping high. or low, as it was.

when i began to pull myself from the bedcovers with the third coming of the alarm, i noticed a strange smattering of individual cat kibbles on the floor next to my side of the bed. it was curious. had one of the cats been trying out a momma cat maneuver by gently carrying a mouthful of babykibbles by the scruffs of their kibblenecks and depositing it way over here on the floor? i wasn't sure. then, i noticed it: one of the cats had thrown up on me during the night and i hadn't even flinched.

fortunately, i was sleeping under the bedspread and three blankets.