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changing lives since 2003's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
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maybe today, [31 Aug 2007|08:22am]
i can leave the house.


youtube ate most of my video uploads. the two second one survived.

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i can't believe this is the last day of august. [31 Aug 2007|09:16am]
it's sunny outside, i have the window cracked in the living room and i can hear them mowing the lawn down at the other end of the courtyard.

there's something about hearing lawn mowers that still makes me feel like it's early on a saturday back when i was growing up. it makes my insides feel like they need to pull into a ball and somehow travel back in time. home sickness. earlier me sickness.

i remember walking out of our garage with our friend during a garage sale with a tube of wild cherry lifesavers in my hand thinking how good they were and walking across the front lawn (or, more likely, loping) down the side of the house that sat close to the next house on the small incline lined with thin pine trees, monkey grass, and my father's cross tie wall. i don't remember what happened once we reached the backyard.

where did all those other me's go?
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baby's first haircut. [31 Aug 2007|11:01am]
oh my god. i've just cut the baby's hair. he's still strapped into his booster seat on the couch eating his toasty o's and cinnamon applesauce and watching elmo with hair that came out of my womb sprinkled all around him and i have no idea what it looks like.

we're going this sunday to tyler for my grandfather's 90th birthday and some of the family will be seeing him for the first time. i suppose i just didn't want to hear my grandmother tell me he looks like a girl again. that and the fact that we've been putting this off for at least four months. while i love those breck curls, sometimes it just looks plain jacked up.

oh my god.

intoxicated by his own glamour:
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