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changing lives since 2003's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
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i thought she was going to say: "BITCH!" [01 Feb 2007|09:22am]
monday night, brian and i had a small falling out over our lack of intimacy. okay... my lack of intimacy. i have my reasons and he has reasons and they don't always fit on the same boat. i wrote him an email on tuesday trying to pour myself into a nutshell. tuesday night, we felt much better and hopefully in a long term way. he sat us down at the table with dinner (instead of on the couch) and we left the tv off. he took me outside to half price books where, ironically, i acquired a vintage copy of everything you wanted to know about sex* but were afraid to ask. we purchased stale desserts from the adjoining coffee shop. he cleaned my box while i put the baby to bed.

all of this really just to segue into helen stories!

tuesday night, on our way to half price books, we found on the stairs what i thought at first might be a snake. even though it really looked absolutely nothing like a snake and instead much like one of those thin, woven nylon dog leashes. wishbone's leash to be exact. not only can wishbone open the door by himself... he can also remove his own leash. though it looked like the leash had only been looped around his neck in a manner sure to choke. no wonder he took it off. i coiled it up and oh-so-quietly hung it on helen's door knob.

last night, i was exercising on the total body gym 5000 when i heard a ruckus on the other side of the wall of living room 2. it was helen's son and daughter giving her a good dose of the what for. her daughter even screeched at one point and pounded her fist on something punctuating each phrase as it shrilled into the air. despite pressing my ear firmly to the plywood, i still couldn't effectively make out enough words. but i do know there was something about a message and the son heard the message too and the daughter told people she was in dallas looking after her mother and helen was shouting something about doing things in her own home and then the daughter screamed "MOTHER! YOU'RE SUCH A A... DILETTANTE!!!"

as i told brian: "i'm not eavesdropping... i just need to know who to root for. i'm glad we finally hung those curtains over the sliding glass door."

this morning, brian said: "isn't that brown mercedes helen's?" i looked out the door and gasped. sort of. the driver's side mirror was all bashed up and duct taped back on to the car.

perhaps that's what the row was all about. perhaps perhaps, helen had gone on an all night bender drinking and partying and carousing and then knocked her side view mirror off on the taco bell late night drive thru window while her daughter was in dallas trying to look after her.
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brownie chaser. [01 Feb 2007|10:59am]
i was so pleased with my $3.00 bid on the brownie yesterday which was outbid an hour or two later. i imagined the seller hitting his refresh button in excitement during the final hours and seeing the amount going up. so i got greedy on his behalf and continued to play ebay god by jumping the bid up to $5.03.

please meet the new owner of a vintage kodak brownie. by a margin of $.03.

i now prepare to re-spool my own film.

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charity clicking: for the e-philanthropists out there. [01 Feb 2007|11:15am]
bulk donation site.
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snow day. [01 Feb 2007|05:07pm]
wow... it's snowing big, fat, furry flakes out there! (and then melting on contact)

i had to look at my entries to see that it was only yesterday we had sleet.

i'm going to start selling the shares from when i bought into all that global warming hooey.
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