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uncaptured moments. [08 Sep 2006|01:47pm]
the video camera we got for xmas last year broke after no time at all using it. the cost to repair: $210.

this weekend, we purchased another in order to capture oliver's precious moments before they all flew away out the window leaving nary a mark on his permanent record.

then he began showing signs of trying to roll over from back to front. i've spent the last several days capturing oodles of footage of oliver painfully almost rolling over. and even barely caught him toppling the first time from belly to back.

then, just now, i leave him to frolic alone in his crib for a spell only to return, sans camera mind you, to find him perpendicular to how i left him and propped up on his belly. after a quick doubletake to make sure that wasn't how i normally leave him, i dashed out for the camera only to return to find him flat on his back as if it never happened.

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labor day weekend: an extravaganza in failed travelogue dreams. [08 Sep 2006|05:36pm]
we began to feel fanciful during our drive back from my friend barbara's wedding in austin the weekend of 8/19. we invented methods by which to fashion road trips and envisioned weekend jaunts within a five hour radius of dallas. then we realized a three day weekend would be fast upon us. considering i have no vacation time for another year, this was like some kind of pto gold. waste not, want not! hit the road, jack!

but any place we could think of within five hours of texas would be sweltering the first weekend of september and babies + swelter = catastrophe. not to mention beth + swelter = angry + agitated + beth. brian isn't big on shopping expeditions of the quaint or antique variety and taking a still precariously fussy baby spelunking just wouldn't do either. why, those wails would echo for miles in those subterranean capsules surely driving our trapped tour group insane.

the one week countdown began and we kept informing one another about how someone needed to come up with something. brian was the first to admit it. we were defeated. yes, we were a tired and defeated people. he proceeded to suggest trips to parks and nature preserves (a cool front was expected) and eating on restaurant patios and a trip to the pool and fancy doings of chores and, if we were feeling particularly crazy, we could spend a night in tyler. i begged off the overnight road trip and replaced it with delightfully promising fantasies like a trip to the fort worth botanic gardens.

the first hours of the heralded weekend arrived and we found ourselves en route to the undersirable eastern suburb of garland. everyone knows the suburban place to be is up north. we were camera shopping at fry's electronics. the only sociable part of our weekend followed with a dining experience at cosmic cafe with hank and evelyn (not on the porch... the cool front was still lingering elsewhere). i had that rare delight again of exposing my breast in public in order for my child to latch on and gain sustenance. and quietude. since he refused to be indoors on this our glorious weekend without being latched on to something. i ate quickly as my arm seized up and processed very little outside information before it was time to take the screamer out of public places.

upon arriving home, the night was still young so brian played me his new cd. this, in turn, inspired me to encourage him to pull out his q-chord so that we could both be frustrated by not knowing how to play it. this inspired me to encourage him to pull out his keyboard so that i could be frustrated by not having any sheet music and having to try to play it by using the weird little built-in tutorial. we jammed the night away to the tune of "minuet" and "fuer elise" and "turkey in the straw".

saturday morning began our regimen of sleeping in. and the weather began to turn to ugly. the kind of ugly we're about to get a whole lot of with the approaching fall and winter seasons. it depressed me to know that. poo poo. i need my vitamin k. continuing the eating out trend, as well as the eating once a day trend, we wound up at pei wei where i proceeded to eat stinky-gas-inducing udon noodles. we also, finally, made our first post partum trip to dolly python in search of vintage bi-level end tables and then to best buy to finally get a new camera. such a sad, post modern world where not-so-cheap electronics are disposable.

by the time we returned home, we were beat so brian headed over to the video store to pick up the much anticipated copy of the original the wicker man. boy howdy and hot diggity. before 15 minutes of the film had passed, i was already making plans to recommend it to everyone i know. I RECOMMEND IT! SEE IT NOW!!! it's one of the best awful movies i ever did saw. we've toyed with the idea of filling our ears with the soundtrack. corn rigs and barly rigs and corn rigs... it can't be beat! it was such grand excitement that i can't even remember what the heck we did with the baby.

sunday rolled around before we got into bed, so we slept late. by the time we arose and headed out, we were hungry for our daily meal. we went to mint where i proceeded to eat stinky-gas-inducing pad thai before we crossed the street and spent a few minutes walking the trail alongside medical city. brian filmed a discarded flask of whiskey and what looked to be dog poo containing a "tur-kwahs" balloon ("tur-kwahs": i learned that from the movie. go watch it right now so you can say clever things like "tur-kwahs" too.) before coming frighteningly close to dawdling in front of speeding cyclists.

the baby was freaking out at this point so we went home and luxuriated with coffee and dessert from a national coffee and dessert retailer. we didn't have long to luxuriate because it was time for fourth of july fireworks. it was a gift from the gods as i had been rather depressed about missing my annual fireworks (due to inclement weather and four week old babies) for the first time in i don't know how long. i invited friends and, as is generally customary, friends didn't show. but this year, i didn't care to the point of forgetting i had invited anyone else. it nearly rained us out again, but we perservered and found a cozy spot on the next to the top level of the parking garage where brian works in addison. brian took plenty of video of fireworks and a few choice moments of shadowy versions of myself and O. we listened to neil diamond on someone else's car stereo and forgot to bring beers.

we probably followed that up with something spectacular like watching cable television and splitting beers.

monday rolled around before we got into bed, so we slept late. by the time we arose and headed out, we were hungry for our daily meal. but taj express didn't open until 5:30, so we went to one of the few places where strollers rule: the mall. north park, to be exact. we luxuriated in the family and nursing rooms and looked for brian's shoes and became cranky with ill-faced 'tweens once we had become weary from complex stroller navigation. and that would be the royal we. we finally darted through the rain to dinner. once we had our second plate in front of us (let's hear it for buffets), a kindly indian woman approached and jetted away with our baby so we could eat. i quickly realized how insane it probably is to let a complete stranger walk off with your infant, so i considered the price indians in india might pay for a male child and kept my keen eagle eye on her and uncrossed my legs in preparation for running as she passed the exit. oddly enough, i didn't produce much stinky gas. and i got my infant back. we accidentally went to whole foods after that so i could spend money i don't have on foods i have no business eating. that would be bakery cookies and bulk bin choco-peanut butter pretzels.

pretzels are a low fat food.
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