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pretty things for you and me. [24 Mar 2006|04:50pm]
last night, i nearly died of painful bloating after dragging brian out to northpark mall to look for baby shower attire. this after dragging brian out into the pre-torrential downpours on saturday to a pea in the pod and then to valley view mall to look at motherhood maternity (it's funny because when we were first dating, i used to tell him we were stopping in to shop at a pea in the pod because he had knocked me up. it's funny because then he did knock me up. and we ended up going to a pea in the pod.) my only purchase ended up coming from the neighboring forever 21 store after trying on 11 shirts. and then i learned that forever 21 is somehow a christian-based store. a christian-based store that sells slut attire.

so maternity clothing tends to suck for one reason or another. usually because there's little to choose from and what you're left with is frumpy/boring/awful/ill-fitting.

so that's why i was at the mall last night. i thought i would totally score by finally checking out a maternity department in a department store. they would be sure to have heaps to choose from. but no. salespeople in both dillard's and foley's informed me they don't even have maternity departments. what?!?

ironically, only one piece of the clothing i have acquired so far is maternity: the maternity jeans. as luck would have it, we're well-ensconced in a fashion trend that makes the ordinary juniors racks look like a maternity motherload.

so today, i went to marshall's and only managed a nightie. i found two lovely, slinky, black, strappy affairs (that i would normally not wear, but pregnancy forces some frightening changes in fashion tastes). i tried them on. stunning from the front. like a parade float from the side.

and i'm only getting bigger.

if any of you out there ever get knocked up with your first, make sure to strong arm your shower hostesses into showering you in your sixth month when you still have some hope of finding something not completely offensive to wear and before you feel like you should be consigned to a heap of bed sheets until two months post partum.
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