January 13th, 2006


whitman's sampler: 2005

gamutalarm, combined with the intense boredom associated with the constant waiting for the platform i work on to process simple tasks, i decided to create one of those lovely posts where you extract the first sentence of the first post of each month. not one to stop short of a good time, i also extracted the first sentence of the last post of each month. such grand fun!

just in the last couple of days, i was espousing my pride in the fact that i dispense crunchy cat treats without ever laying a finger on them.

judith swung open the door and strode into her back bedroom with a single-minded determination that only a 40-year old with a life change on her mind could possess.

the day was bright and slightly chilly and i had inadvertently dressed in my dr. seuss "one fish two fish" t-shirt.

in less than four hours, i'll be on a plane to NYC.

wednesday night, i said my farewells to darren at the meridian room.

what time should i wake you up?: dad said.

the first time i woke up, it was 2:40am and darren was knocking gently on the door.

i realized sometime during my marathon drive back to dallas last night that the first week of driving had been a cakewalk.

though the maze of lines was filled with bustling travelers, i had, so far, been able to hit every mark of my directions to the car rental counter.

during one of my snooze periods this morning, i dreamt of an lj reunion.

this has been a horrible week spent in houston.

-up early to leave by 9:15am.

at 3 minutes until noon and with the first sip of red stripe down, Beer Fridays have been officially reinstituted.

i know this might be hard to believe, but the following monday i left for houston.

i went on a date friday night.

my mother just called to say my sister finally delivered about 11am this morning after some hard labor and several rounds of pitocin.

i met E at two rows brewery at 6pm on that long ago, sizzling, july monday.

after a difficult morning filled with feline diabetes angst, i finally was able to compel myself to leave the house to work.

it wasn’t without a sense of irony that i pulled the tab across the cardboard mailer containing my new diva cup.

i just returned from a voting expedition at the Samuell Grand Recreation Center manned by sweet, little, old ladies.

he told me on the phone that he had a surprise for me, but he wasn’t sure if he should bring it over that saturday night because it might scare me.

late yesterday afternoon on my way home from the grocery store where i purchased the key ingredients for three types of tea breads whose toasty, seasonal warmth i have no business swaddling myself in, i think i accidentally fell in love with herb alpert & the tijuana brass’s christmas album aptly titled christmans album.

they're predicting a "wintry mix" of weather for today.

Many pregnant women leak some urine when coughing, laughing, sneezing or exercising.

interview questions from grashupfer

1. If I was to write a wikipedia article about you, which of these words or phrases would *least* likely appear in the headline: adventurer, leader, arbiter of taste, humanist? Why?

probably “adventurer”. as much as i would like to be adventurous, the truth is that i’m rather shy and timid when it comes to the unknown. but i am more brave if i have partner in crime.

2. Will your parenting be anything like the way you were raised? Explain.


my parents did a good job. they were terribly even-keeled and stable. they praised us and loved us and punished us when we needed it. they selflessly did everything they could for us. even during times when we maybe didn’t have much, we never knew the difference. i should hope that i can do half as good a job.

i would like the communication of feelings to be a little easier... something i didn’t really realize was missing until the last couple of years. there’s almost a fear of asking about what’s going on when it might be less than pleasant. sort of an ignorance-is-bliss/what-you-don’t-know-can’t-hurt-you quality.

the details might be a little different, but i would like the bones to be the same.

3. Tell me a story of a time somebody did something so nice for you that it made you cry or want to.

i could dig up a handful of acts of kindness over the years from various people in my life that have melted my heart, but i think there’s one that will always take the cake or at least rank up there pretty high. when i found myself pregnant at the age of 19, my sister offered to keep my baby for me so i could still move away to finish college (i was to move away in a couple of months). she was the only one who even broached the possibility of me keeping it (see question #2).

great. thanks for making a pregnant lady weepy.

4. You seem like an exceptionally good present giver. What do you think would make a good present for me for Christmas?

lordy. i don’t know where you got that from. i suppose i’m hit or miss.

porn? literature? beer? literary porn stamped on a beer glass and served in a tropical locale? am i there yet?

okay. i totally bombed out on that question.

5. You love cats. Ever had other pets? Dogs, birds, etc.? I know you had a turtle. What else?

i grew up a dog person.

there were brief episodes with a hamster, a rat, and two betas around high school and junior college; but, i think it’s best if we don’t talk about them.

my mom had a cute, little cocker spaniel named taffy, but she died when i was two. when i was maybe four, we adopted the lingering love of my life. we named her brandy, but since dad is named randy and terribly hard of hearing, we wasted no time in changing it to ginger. she was a little peekapoo (mix of poodle, terrier, and pekingese... i think) and she was fantastic. she let me dress her in doll dresses and push her about in a carriage. she let me put her in the wagon and take her a block over for picnics. she cuddled with me and liked to lay her head across my father’s neck when he was on the floor watching tv at night.

she became very sick with heart problems and general old age and passed away at a time beyond when she should have been put down. i was a junior in high school. i cried for three days. i still accidentally call for her sometimes instead of ttyki or expect her to be at my parents’ door when i come in. we came across some video footage xmas morning of what must have been her last days.

great. now i’m weepy again.

a++ for remembering waddles.