August 8th, 2005


sat 7/2 – tues 7/5: vol.II - final chapter

i believe saturday was spent performing mundane everyday tasks like cleaning and buying beer. except that i could hardly say i clean every day and not risk being called a liar.

sunday began shaping up to be a low-key affair despite the fact i had invited six people over to watch the annual dallas july 3rd fireworks from the roof of the continental. i never heard from dave, darren opted for a co-worker’s shindig, E&hank were confused by my “come-to-the-3rd-of-july-fireworks” email which was later followed by a “are-you-coming-to-the-july-4th-fireworks-?” email, and i accidentally sent amy s’s invitation to april o’s email address. the only person definitely on the show-up list was brian, assuming he wasn’t going to be joining his brother’s family to float about on a lake in oklahoma. so maybe not so definite then.

i think it would have been more awkward having other people show up with brian than having just brian show up... though i was somewhat anxious to cement our new status in the company of friends. but since there was a possibility of the awkwardness, it was fine by me if no one else showed. i don’t like it when people poo on my parade.

brian did show up and i cleverly packed a handful of tecates in a rubber maid container with ice cubes and pornographic looking plastic ice sticks and we headed on over. usually, the roof is packed with 40-60 people for fireworks-watching. even last year when we went on july 4th, but the fireworks had been on july 3rd. i suppose i’m not the only person miffed by the city of dallas’ ridiculous july 3rd fireworks display, because there were only maybe 10 people up there to watch this year. we popped open our beers and settled in to wait.

this is brian waiting:
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this is me waiting (and a step-by-step progression of me drinking beer):
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this is the skyline waiting:
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this is tecate waiting:
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the fireworks were lovely... if a bit far off. that didnt’ stop me from taking horrid, shaky photos of them.

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