April 14th, 2005

beth ginger

okc: i do no more. part IV.

this is retarded! i'm calling scotty.: exclaimed nj into the phone attached at the far end to his mother's ear to the gasps and rebukes of victor, daveM, and myself.

you just called your mother retarded!: we all chanted mercilessly to his profusion of denial.

after winding back on the road one last time, we finally found the country club where the reception was being held. we ran into ricky with bellini in hand and were easily persuaded to make a beeline to the free half of the bar. my bellini was tasty, but left me with half a glass of frozen tidings causing me to also carry a plastic cup of beer in my other hand... likely making me appear to be buckling under the stress of wedding guest-dom. the bellini and the beer helped me to readily accept that reality with ease.

we were seated at table 5 and wine glasses were filled as i noticed a delightful iced wedding cookie next to my plate. why wait for dessert? and oh my were they just the passenger to ride along in the vehicle of mixed alcohol buzzes which were clearly filling the freeways of the dining rooms. the vegetarian "spaghetti" dinners arrived slathered in cheesy goodness... as expected. so i accepted a bowl of steamed veggies instead, but secretly would have been just fine eating the rest of the Collapse )
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it's not me

sunny days, return of illness, and chocolate fountains

no doubt about it anymore... while the east coast (and apparently denver) is still being surprised by april snowstorms, dallas has entered a solid phase of gorgeous spring weather marred only by the presence of wind a hair too strong for my taste. so far, very few days have had winds threatening a tornado, but i'm sure that will be along any time now. in the meantime, nj and i have been doing our best to enjoy the outdoors before the sun transforms from swell to sweltering. yes, i did just write that last sentence... forgive me.

a week ago Tuesday, i lured brian from his apartment with promises to leave him outside any establishment where goods could be purchased as our finances are weak and our wills even weaker.

first stop: bodum. i had decided that instead of continuing to grind up coffee and then use the coffee grinder as a container, i wanted an actual container to keep ground coffee in. very adult and together of me, i know. i found and purchased one that was lacking in mad-capped frivolity, but would function well enough. i then asked nj (yes, he was in the store tsk tsk) if i could linger a moment to huff on the wall of tea samples in the back.

once reaching the bottom row and sitting on the floor to finish off the samples, the friendly lesbian behind the coffee&tea counter asked if she could make me a sample.

"oh no", i explained. "i was just telling him how i loathe the taste of tea, but want so badly to love it because of all the tea options available."

she insisted on making a sample of rooibos, which i had never heard of until that moment. the iced version did not actually repulse me and cause me to feel i would vomit, so a bag of pina colada rooibos (might as well ease myself into it with something familiar) made its way into my bag and into my daily liquid consumption regime and, more importantly, into my heart.

the skies were turning black and the wind was kicking up, so our promise to walk katy trail and absorb some urban nature segued instead into a trip to central market. i was delighted to find vegetable buns, dim sum, and asparagus spears in the freezer section and my wallet groaned the longer we stayed in the store.

i came back to nj's later that night and by the time the stroke of midnight was clanging, nj's temperature was on the climb. jesus. was it another flu after only 6 weeks? he made me leave. the next couple of days are a blur of nj feeling better and worse.

by the time friday morning arrived, i thought i might be coming down with something as i became queasy with drainage. i managed to leave the house to meet darren as a witness to the signing of his will. the lawyer was an absolutely awful person. she was one of those women who seem younger than they are until you take a good long look at the layers of make up. she waxed and waned about the frequency with which she changes her will... almost as often as she applies her make up. that afternoon, she would be cutting her friend's daughter for deciding not to go to college and cutting out her niece for dropping out of college and moving in with a man twice her age. no louis vuitton luggage for her!

after all the crazy talk, i'd nearly forgotten that i'd previously felt like i was having another heart episode similar to the one back in january. my queasiness had even passed so we lunched our maiden voyage at mint... a strip mall asian restaurant with enough decorating savvy to make you feel you weren't dining in a strip mall asian restaurant.

darren could not get enough of me on friday. after work, we met at the dma for one of the arts&letters series. that night, it was a collection of songs sung by a foursome of classically trained singers. neither of us could help but stare at the unsupported "Y"-shaped cleavage of one of the females. like melons from the side, but disturbingly like biscuits from the front. it was a mystery. her dress was so low-cut was i to wear it, the entirety of my petite bosoms would be on full display like i was wearing one of those awful spandex overall numbers frequently adorned by mimes.

after the performance was the real treat. we strolled over to the nasher sculpture garden and were treated to complimentary champagne and chocolate fondue gurgling from a fountain like a cascade of clay. i regretted horribly not taking my camera and i shall remedy that when nj and i return tonight. of course it goes without saying that darren and i had to buttress all that bubbly with a drink at the meridian room. it was difficult typing that last sentence with "drink"” and not "drinks". but we both had to get up early the following saturday.

the sunny days continue: free day in fort worth

my life as an underemployed contract worker has consisted of a string of mornings interrupted over and over again by the sound of my alarm. as with the repeated application of most stimuli, my hypothalamus has become expert at considering it meaningless and thusly screening it from my conscious mind. so much so to the point that ttyki has returned to her ways of waking me on occasion by tapping me on the shoulder.

unfortunately, saturday morning fell in the grey period between hypothalamus intervention and ttyki takeover. as a result, i awoke an hour late to meet my mother and father in richardson. dad was helping donnie in the yard which always leaves us ladies to peruse estate sales along with patrons begetting all the courtesy of wal-mart shoppers at xmas. fortunately, estate sales usually start on thursdays so pickings are slim by the time we get there. this saves me money. though i did end up with four vintage pink-and-orange napkins, a small canvas bag that appears to have apples and planes on it, an autobiographical account of life with picasso as written by his mistress, and a funky vintage red vinyl child's suitcase with asymmetrical front zippered pocket... all for the low price of $3 and the mental anguish of being confronted by life at its end.

the day was punctuated by lunch at einstein bagels and a blood pressure check by donnie (a-okay!) before i returned home.

that night, i was finally allowed to come back over to nj's after his shift at the sex store. as he was still not feeling up to full capacity (a claim he would continue to make for days after in order to deflect any activity he considered less than desirable), we skipped erin's home-warming party and opted for saturday night television behind styrofoam containers of cosmic cafe carryout instead.

i resisted dragging myself out of bed sunday morning until receiving a confirmation phone call from E for brunch at the meridian room and a showing of the upside of anger at the angelika. it wasn't too bad a movie considering it was in a genre that includes kevin costner as a good time alcoholic.

i recently confessed to nj that i sometimes feel like his stalker. in keeping with that mood, i drove straight from the angelika to his apartment to find him wearing the unlikely combination of vintage button down with GAP striped pajama bottoms. he was on another downward swing. a downward swing covering his chronic lethargy he was attempting to disguise as viable illness. he followed me home to use me for my internet connection while i entertained myself by reading up on my new copy of SQL in 10 Minutes.

by monday, there was no disputing nj's sick time was up and besides, the weather was slated to be fantastic for at least four days in a row. we decided it was a day to work outside... nj correcting a friend's spanish and me reading that damned SQL book. but at least we were on the banks of the sometimes-smelly turtle creek. we even happened upon a duck with her gaggle of six new babies in addition to the countless expected turtles.

when i showed up unannounced tuesday afternoon at nj's after my trip to the grocery store, he tried to tell me his allergies were acting up too much to walk to the grapevine for a beer. i said "okay, i guess i'll just be on my way then" enough times to change his mind. it turns out this used to be a haunt of nj's, but i had never been before. we were told by both the bartender and a martini-happy patron that we were ghosts and gazelles because they had somehow not seen us enter through the tiny front room. a $2 red stripe in hand, we found our way to a nice spot on the back patio where nature was doing it's best to take back over. we even played a game of HORSE (i lost). after a stroll across the street to explore the old, abandoned scottish rite hospital (now taken over by transients), i walked nj back home and stayed only long enough to watch american idol, god help me.

wednesday consisted of a day fully planned and announced. nj had never seen the sights of fort worth. we started with free wednesdays at the modern. built just a couple of years ago, it is a marvel of concrete, glass, and annoyingly twisted floor plans. we bolted through the dan flavin works in fluourescent lights (yawn) and concentrated more on the architecture and the echoing art piece called vortex.

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