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auntie bush [03 Sep 2004|09:45am]
for those of you out there who are politically-minded or, at the very least, opinionated... i have a question. so far, i have two texas voters on my hands who are not convinced their vote for john kerry will make a difference in defeating bush. i can understand this as this is where i was four years ago until a friend convinced me to go a different direction.

they are being little defeatists and are resistant to embracing the categorical imperative. c'mon. it's the basic universalization principle. you have to believe that other like-minded individuals will ignore the odds and behave in a manner aligned to their principles without having their hands held by some clearly defined knowledge that they are the majority. it's an act of faith. just do it and trust others will as well.

(ps: i do realize that democrats are not all their cracked up to be. however, republicans=aggressive evil and democrats=passive evil)

so here's my question:

part 1
do you agree that it is more crucial during this election to register dissent with the "2-party" system by voting third party or to refute the luxury of registering dissent and vote democrat in an attempt to defeat bush?

part 2
do you agree that, even if every anti-bush voter voted for kerry instead of voting third party or not at all, there are still not going to be enough democratic votes to swing texas?

in other words, as a result of living in texas, am i just wasting my breath on swinging voters?
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chase [03 Sep 2004|03:28pm]
since i am bored out of my fucking mind and the other two members of my department are already gone and i'm tired of trying to defrost my chocolate silk on things like coffee makers and computer monitors, i'm going to make a post.

chase credit cards recently sent me an email saying i could eliminate my paper statements by signing up for online statements. as my postal worker seems to have developed passive aggressive tendencies with me as a result of my inability to clear out my box in a timely manner, i was all for the reduction in clutter.

however, when i tried to sign up it showed three levels... two of which you pay for and the most expensive was the only one indicating you would no longer receive a paper statement. i was confused, so of course i embraced customer service and the following madness ensued:Collapse )
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