October 22nd, 2003


drive-in double feature?!?!

the deep ellum film festival kicks into gear tonight. not only is a party monster viewing imminent, but now i see there's an outdoor double feature of to kill a mockingbird and grease showing this friday!

i'm so excited that i can no longer concentrate on any one task. i can only flit back and forth. sit down. stand up. log on. log off. i don't know. i think i'm getting a headache. it's all too much for me.

and now i can't get a hold of darren to share. he had better be willing to go. screw alien, we want grease.

i need to go take a nap. or have some coffee.

okay: this entry is begging for a photo. i've tried to spare you people recently and i think i've done a fine job of it. here is my reward.