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bingo! ["the weekend in pictures"] [19 Aug 2003|06:53pm]
i'm overdue for my weekend update. there's not too much to report really. but don't worry! this will still be a long entry anyway.

i sat on my can friday and passed up the opportunity to see big daddy alright at the wreck room in ft worth. darren was suffering from super-headaches and evelyn was too tired...so i just didn't have the motivation to go it alone.

saturday darren and i finally made it to a gay bingo night at the lakewood. we've been putting it off for about a year now. this time the theme was madonnarama. evelyn and her mother tried to get tickets but too late...and darren got in trouble for not trying harder to coordinate with wonderwoman.

in my previous gay bday post, i mentioned darren's ex sighting who seemed to pop up everywhere in the bar that we went that night. darren is convinced that mentioning said ex's name will cause him to appear. saturday night, name mentioning was not even required. while standing in the willcall line outside, i glance over and see X and manage to announce this a little too loudly to darren. we get inside and go to the liquor line. a look further back in line...there's X. we take our bingo packet upstairs to try and find our seats. a helper has us wait while she runs to find out where we're supposed to be. i look over darren's shoulder to the top row of seats and see the X. helper girl comes back and starts leading us to our spots, of course, two seats away from X, in a theater with hundreds of seats. darren's mood quickly soured much to my dismay. he pepped up eventually after i brought him a drink and sang madonna songs to him.

so bingo was exceptionally cramped, warm, and tedious. the intermission entertainment was stale and they did it twice. it featured two transvestites in cheerleader gear. one could twirl well, the other couldn't. *yawn*. we won 0 out of 10 bingo games. we won 0 raffles. it was all well and good but we won't be going back for several months. at least we got to see huge xvestites on rollerskates and huge guys in bondage gear and a guy with very tight buns in short short pvc shorts.

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