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by the time brian and i were in my car and headed back through deep ellum to my apartment, some people were just beginning to come out for their night on the town. we were still noticeably far from arriving at 8pm. we had dined at fadi’s mediterranean buffet on small boats filled with good eating like hummus and oil, salad and oil, and a nice eggplant in oil sauce. they don’t call it “fatty’s” for nothing. the rest of the evening was spent snuggled under bedcovers watching you and me and everyone we know on my laptop.

the phone rang at 9:10am saturday morning and i picked it up to tell my father he was 20 minutes early and that would not gain him entrance into my apartment. he told me he would busy himself turning the car around and studying a map while i dressed.

he had driven all the way from tyler just to bring me a blazer-load full of cardboard boxes, well “not just for that,” he said. after brian helped us unload them, he scurried away to prep for a showing at his condo while dad and i took what will likely be my last walk to the deep ellum cafe brazil for breakfast.

it was a beautiful morning with a vivid blue sky and the slightest of chills in the breezeless air.

my piece of french toast was mammoth and dad was nearly stopped in his tracks by his three, head-sized pancakes. but we got them down before i drove him over to walk the perimeter of the new place where i discovered there seems to be no discernible way for visitors to visit. our back entrance is protected by the parking lot gate and our front entrance is protected by gated walkways with a noticeable absence of little things like call boxes. normally, i would welcome the opportunity to swath myself in protection from unannounced visitations, but i was hoping to turn a new, non-anti-social leaf.

of course, by now, i was in full-on have-to-pee mode so we invented a reason to stop in at central market. that reason being that i had to pee really badly. i also purchased some of the firmest, large, oblong green grapes ever seen by man. and this time, they weren’t even half-rotten. a real coup when you’re paying $5.00 for a handful. (i’m totally curious if the preceding use of coup was even remotely correct or if it’s another one of those times when i use something in my head only to realize how strange it is once i’ve let it out).

i also took dad through historic east dallas to see the rotting little number we initially fell in love with before dropping him back at his car.

brian showed up shortly thereafter for a wearisome afternoon of returning bulky sweaters and not returning skirts with busted zippers and looking at sheets of plastic wood flooring before we collapsed in a heap at the galleria’s mi cocina for spinach enchiladas.

“i really hate sitting here,” i informed brian as a glanced quickly around the room to see nearly all pairs of male eyes and one pair of female eyes focused on my head. it was rather disconcerting. “i can’t believe i didn’t notice that i was sitting down in front of a flat screen tv when we walked up to the table.” brian grunted around a mouthful of beans before glancing back at the football game.

we barely had time to dally at my place before meeting darren and paul at the angelika for munich. the line was lengthy and only 32 seats were left so we opted for mrs henderson presents instead. i was surprised i didn’t hear nary a sniffle from paul as we watched the vaudevillians being nearly blown to bits by WWII air raids. what could be more saddening to a gay man than seeing a dance number peppered with shrapnel? he did say he found the film to be “unapologetic”. i appreciate the ambiguity of that descriptor.

our companions must have been fatigued after enjoying all the song-and-dance numbers delicately topped off with a whipped cream of nude ladies because they informed us they were in need of retiring for the night.

i left a message for E and hank to meet us at the meridian room and reminded myself how, inevitably, the more people i invite, the more i become alone.

brian and i were first to arrive at the meridian room and were already enjoying our on-the-wagon fare of perrier/hummus and 7-up/grilled cheese by the time dave and sarah arrived post-taco-bueno dinner.

i found that without alcohol to fan the flames and fuel the fires of my second wind, i become tired much earlier. it’s just not the same being sober. and i don’t know if that’s good or bad.

i spent a second night tossing sleeplessly in my bed hoping that living with someone wasn’t going to make every night a sleepless night. in the bad way. especially since brian migrates to the middle of the bed and oskar migrates to my legs giving me less than an effective 25% of mattress to work with. combine that with no longer being allowed to sleep on my belly or back and having hip pains from sleeping on my sides and i might as well forget about sleep for... well, for a very long time.

as a result of my inferior sleep quality, i lingered longer than i would have like in bed sunday morning. the day ended up shot and i chose to focus on dinner with brian, annette, and mar at cosmic cafe instead. though brian had had three hours to prepare himself for the 5pm outing, he had still yet to shower when i arrived at his condo at 4:30. he’s worse than i am. how is that possible?

annette and mar enabled me to order vegan chocolate-hazelnut cake just before brian and i went to the store where i purchased vegan chocolate mint ice cream just before brian fed me potato chips and popcorn on his couch and in front of an episode of the ever-present Law&Order.

they don’t call it “fatty’s” for nothing.
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