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aloysius? edgar? rupert?

after a particularly cruel appointment before which i was forced to drink 20 ounces of water (and i even drank 24 for good measure) and then hold it for an hour (i was smart enough to drink it 30 minutes before my scheduled appointment because let's face it... my bladder is steps ahead of the rest when it comes to urine production. magical almost.) and then have the sonogramist run 20 minutes behind schedule.

i tried to occupy myself in the waiting room by listening to two elderly women speak russian and then listen to a german man join in, but god damn i thought i was about to die. or at least pee all over myself.

at the last moment, i went to relieve the four extra ounces just before being called in.

this baby has apparently moved into my upper ribcage. how, i'll never know. but that helps explain the extreme discomfort associated with zipping my NYE dress up. that and the nearly 10 pounds i've put on in the last month despite asking the nurse to subtract a few in honor of the holidays. but anyway, that poor thing is going to have a conehead as a result of it. and though the baby was apparently very active, i still don't know that i'm feeling it.

this new sonogram moved my due date from june 1 to may 26 which averaged right back out to the doctor's due date of may 28.

the biggest event of the event: she found a penis.

dude. that's so freaky. i have a penis floating about in my chestal cavity.

what on earth am i going to do with a be-penised offspring?!?

he tried to tell me everything is going to be okay by giving us the thumbs up. no, really.

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bits and pieces.
twigs and berries.
carrot and potatoes.
if you can believe that shady looking photo.

now we have to figure out the whole gruesome circumcision thing.
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