changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003


i think i'm likely on the verge of a panic attack.

it's 5:45pm and the sun is fast setting.

yesterday, after attending a screening of harry pott and the goblet of fire and dining at green papaya and cuddling on brian's couch watching house and the news and creating a dense layer of cat hair with which to cover every inch of my clothing, i returned home.

it was already late, but i was prepared to plop down on my red velvety couch with a frozen strawberry fruit bar to watch some pedestrian sitcom re-runs before bed. the tv was already on as i first checked on my email. then the sound went dead. obviously a telecasting blip.

but after several minutes, i turned to the screen and was horrified to find it dead. i scrambled for the remote. it made the electronic plunking sound it always makes when being turned on or off, but nothing happened. nothing. nothing. NOTHING!

i frantically pushed the button over and over again waiting for the nightmare to end.

it didn't end.

i called brian in a panic. what was i going to do?!? he didn't know. he said i should feel lucky to have had it for so long and to go to a 24 hour wal-mart.

that didn't help.

the silence became deafening.

i kept thinking how i could turn on the tv to make everything better. but then i remembered THE TV JUST DIED!

i tried to watch tv on the internet, but all i could find were news bits or religious programming.

i re-lived how i had received the 19-inch sharp as a 20th birthday gift just before moving out. that's just over 13 years. and with ne'er a blip on the screen or a faded corner. NOTHING!

first thing this morning, i turned the power strip back on and tried the power button again hoping that it was ready to go again after its night of rest.


i worked a little longer this afternoon than absolutely required. because i could stand to work a little longer and because i didn't know how else to fend off the fear welling up inside me from the knowledge that it's time to turn on the tv.

i keep thinking i know what i'll do to calm down. what i always do... take a nap in front of the tv. because viable sources report that stress dumbs up the baby.

Tags: dining out, electronics, movies
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