changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

if money makes the world go 'round, no wonder mine's standing still.

though the financial tide of fate has been slapping me silly in the face lately, i did get one reprieve today as it receded likely for another round.

it was a rather curious turn that involved traffic court. the day after i told brian i was pregnant, he went out and wrecked his car. so i went to pick him up for his job interview the following day and received a “speeding” ticket as a result of coasting down a hill which was then followed by tickets for inspection and insurance.

i had coverage, i just hadn’t put the new cards in my glove compartment yet. and i took care of the inspection within the allotted 10 days. upon arriving at the court building to take care of everything, my inspection was dismissed for $10, but i was told i would have to have a court date to dismiss my insurance ticket and get deferred adjudication for the speeding ticket.

i was dismayed. why wouldn’t they just let me pay the fines and be done with it? and on top of that, i was issued a court date nearly set in stone for today, december 22nd, mere moments before the full swing of yuletide gets underway.

of course all this time, i thought it was set for the 23rd until a random occurrence late last night caused me to look at the paperwork again. twice.

so come this afternoon, off to court i went.

there were probably 35 people on the docket. a handful didn’t show up for the docket call. then we were told to come back in an hour to see if the witnesses had shown. at no point was i asked if i wanted witnesses.

after an hour, we all filed back in for yet another docket call where all but maybe four cases were dismissed. free of charge. mine included.

and i hadn’t even asked for it to be dismissed.

but i wasn’t complaining.

after a couple of days of being told my OB/GYN’s were not in-network by humana (after 3 months and four appointments) and then being told they likely were in-network by the doctors’ billing department and then being told that only physicians with humana and located in houston were in-network by the doctors’ billing department via humana and then being told my HR rep at work would check into it and after scheduling an appointment to have a $100 (plus labor) air intake hose installed, i was happy to get a break somewhere. anywhere.
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