changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

baby in a bag

the alarm rings for the fourth time before i finally shut it off for good. i stretch out on my back and place the flat of my palm on the flat of my belly just before oskar, in all his pavlovian glory, leaps soundlessly on to the bed for his morning rubdown.

i do the math and realize today marks the beginning of the 20th week of my first pregnancy.

with a hot shower to knock the edge off the cold of my apartment, i towel off, slip into some jeans and a sweater, and open the nearby cabinet. after unplugging the power cord, i slip my arms into the thick black vest and situate the baby bag across my lower abdomen before tightening the straps into place across my back. i see the baby inside give a little kick to the thick layer of silicone covering it as it wakes from its nap.

after a quick change of the amniotic fluid and dropping a fresh nutri-tab into the porthole, i’m ready for my morning bailey’s and coffee and the first cigarette of the day.
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