changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

grapefruit and love nibbles

i discovered or, more to the point, awakened to the fact that the smell of grapefruit in december is a like a little bit of heaven. maybe because it's reminiscent of the fruit bushel basket my father would bring home every year on his last day of work before xmas filled with apples and citrus and nuts and a coconut and a large, colorful clump of ribbon candy wrapped in a cellophane bag.

we would all gather excitedly around as the lid was pried off, acting as if we had never seen fruit, nuts, and candy in our lives. my mother would usually, at some point, break into the coconut and expose an exotic world of produce. the nuts would move to a shallow, slippery wooden bowl with nutcracking implements to sit on the hearth for months on end... sometimes finding their way into the mouths of neighborhood squirrels like harvey and scooter. i would periodically attempt to make a dent in the ribbon clump each time i discovered it in the low cabinet by the white, plastic lazy susan containing sue bee honey and a years old bottle of long john silver's malt vinegar. the bushel baskets would be stacked in the utility room waiting to haul leaves and pine straw during the cold months.

sometimes, ttyki gets excited or confused when i'm talking on the phone and tries to answer me. i suppose she feels sorry for someone talking so loudly and decisively to herself and receiving no audible answers. in the past five days, i've called my sister to work out a xmas gift gameplan. during the first conversation, on saturday, ttyki sat in my lap. at some point, she meowed and then reached her neck out to latch on to the crook of my elbow. during the second conversation, mere moments ago, she hopped off my lap to the neighboring step stool just before meowing and turning to reach out her neck and bite me soundly on the ass. twice.

that is just how big my ass has gotten. it is making babies of its own.
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