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snow day

they're predicting a "wintry mix" of weather for today.

and i believe them. it's still cloudy like snow outside. and clouds + temperatures below fifty five degrees always compute to snow. always. do not attempt to dispute me on this, for my unwavering scientifical belief will knock you soundly down.

to usher things along, i made the decision to sacrifice the snowman cookie i purchased as one of darren's xmas presents to the snow god(s). i also crafted a mug of hot chocolate the size of my head and chose chocolate mint flavor because "mint" practically equals "snow".

as a result of temperatures lingering in the neighborhood of 35 degrees this morning, i shall likely be vacating my usual work place for another once the warmth of my shower and hot chocolate both wear thin.

this is where i usually sit:

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*yes: complete with cat acting like he's not trying to eat my cookie and another on her way.

lovely... sure. but these days, that gigantic window is a portal into freezing-my-ass-off while my mouse hand becomes three degrees colder than the rest of my body. and i keep forgetting to wear my fingerless mittens.

and since i read the sad fact that unborn babies do not like to be swathed in the electromagnetic field that is my best wintertime friend the electric blanket and since i've decided (after reaching week 15 and hearing the heartbeat again on monday afternoon) that i really must be pregnant, i will soon be retiring back to the warmth of my bed located under a vent and swathed in non-electric blankets. i'm going to assume that babies are friendly to the emanations of laptops. that will last until i manage to google the opposite, pretend for a short amount of time that it's not a risky risk, and then feel horribly guilty for my selfishness.

then back to the window i'll be going wearing a horrible mish mash of pajama pants, long sleeved T, socks, slides, vintage man robe (in a non-matching color), and pink towel on my head. these are the hours of my day where i periodically pass by the bathroom mirror and wonder why baby daddy isn't running quickly the other way.

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