changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

giving thanks. i suppose.

this thanksgiving holiday was fraught with stress as i tried to remember to do and gather 101 things simultaneously just prior to my exit.

due to ttyki’s sparkling new diabetic condition, i was left to weigh the stress of traveling to an unfamiliar location (aka: anywhere outside the confines of my 650 sq ft apartment) against the effects of leaving her injection free for six rounds. and, after a successful test run of driving ttyki around for an hour on tuesday afternoon, i decided she would be hitting the road.

so i gathered up my clothing and toiletries and empty leftover dishes from my mother’s and the kids’ advent calendars and a litter box and litter and liners and cat food and syringes and insulin and the carrier and the cat and my mother’s bday present and my vitamins and my calcium chews and left my camera and we gathered into the car post-work on wednesday evening.

it was smooth sailing until the halfway point when we became ensnarled in traffic for an hour in the middle of nowhere. ttyki didn’t like it and became a mohwing beast with depressed levels of naturally occurring insulin. or increased levels of blood sugar. i forget in which direction it goes. needless to say, she was good and thirsty by the time we reached my parents’.

i immediately abandoned the cat to her explorations and went to one of the local tyler hang-outs: cheddars. i met kelly and jeromy for martinis, mashed potatoes, and salsa.

i slept like a pile of crap while ttyki rummaged about her water bowl and jumped on and off the bed and crawled under and back out from under the bed... all precipitated or followed up with a meow.

then we were up for the cat’s big day... being fed cheese and turkey and going outside to eat every prickly plant and avoid the chives unless i stuck her face directly in them. she would later regurgitate a modest pile of chives and sego palm. i draped myself in my new “thanksgiving sweater” designed to hide pounds of food consumption regardless of the fact it makes me look like a giant potato or piece of poo.

my sister’s family and grandparents arrived. we pigged out. we loafed around like a bunch of fatties. my sister and i scuffled lightly over the proper way to begin a family and more so over the fact that the bible does not say animals were put here to be eaten and “dominion over” does not mean “eat”. i said a small prayer for her pets while she ran off to tattle on me and my ungodly, vegetarian, out-of-wedlock-baby-having ways.

then i left with jeromy and we had no choice but to go to the pub and grub since rick’s was closed and jake’s was closed and the b&n cafe was closed. then we drove around memory lane also known as our high school and his middle school before my well-being was suddenly accosted by the poisonous poo that had been sitting in my intestines for one day too many. it’s true.

friday, i arose early to take my car in to have the right axle replaced ($200). i was roped in to the unnecessary repair to my antenna ($106) thinking it would cost in the neighborhood of $20. but what’s money these days? besides something that is being removed every two weeks from my person in hundreds-of-dollars chunks for the last two months and for countless quality-baby-producing-home-buying-cat-stabilizing months to come?

my employer is stingy with all things related to time off. so i pretended to work all day friday by checking my email every 1-2 hours until 5:30pm. in the meantime, i occupied myself by watching myth busters, eating, napping, and forcing my grumpy cat to cuddle.

it was also my mom’s bday, so the thanksgiving crew plus my father’s brother met at joe’s italian grill to celebrate. apparently, my sister’s entire family is beyond picky when it comes to food consumption (i had thought it was mostly confined to my brother-in-law), so they all had dinner at el charro before arriving at the restaurant to order salads that none of them would eat.

mom was not pleased.

after presents and cake, i tried to meet christie at stanley’s bbq to see a band, but her belly couldn’t take it and i found them having desert at On The Border instead...
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